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    Jury Doody

    Has anybody here ever received a summons for jury duty and actually went? I got one a few days ago for the 7th of next month and I'm freaking out about it. I actually wrote them in an attempt to be excused because of my problems with SA and depression but I was told that unless I can get a...
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    SPW Frozen

    Whenever I go to the forum on my computer it immediately freezes and stays that way for as long as I leave it open.(The forum,not the computer itself) Can't scroll,can't click on threads,Can't do anything. It's been this way for about a week or so. :idontknow: It's not my computer I don't...
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    Xanex for anxiety and Depression

    Xanax for anxiety and Depression Has anybody here ever tried Xanax for anxiety or depression? For a long time I refused to use any type of medication. But I'm feeling more and more backed against a wall...I have to do something. From what I've read online,Xanax seems to be the best choice. I'm...
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    Drivers license?

    I know i'm likely the only one. But has SA stood in the way of anybody else here of obtaining a drivers license? I just can't get myself to go do it. Iv'e had a learner's permit a couple times. And my brother and dad have taken me driving alot. But only early in the morning when there's little...
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    Hello All. My Name is GhastlyCC...Or ..Travis. But I like the former a bit more.;) I'm 22 years old and have had SA most all my life. I'm from Colorado..But i'm not a cowboy nor a snowboarder. I've never REALLY had a girlfriend or a job. I say "really" because I've kinda sorta had a little spec...