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  1. Fear of people

    Being short contributes to SA

    I'm wondering if any body else out there...suffers from SA due to being short and feeling as though,your being stared at...when ever your out in public centres or simply walking down the street and you start to feel paranoid...believing inside your mind, that people are...
  2. Fear of people

    I'm saying good bye to SPW

    Hi everyone and I would like to say goodbye to everyone on SPW, now that chatbox no longer exists. I have enjoyed my time whilst being with SPW, but unfortunately now chatbox has been taken away from us, there is no reason for me to stay with SPW and I have found an Australian web site that...
  3. Fear of people

    What ever happened to chatbox

    I logged onto SPW this morning, clicked onto chatbox as I do first thing every morning and to my surprise:eek:all that came up on my computer screen is a smilie page. So my question being? !WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO CHATBOX! as I enjoy chatting to people online and I have made so many internet...
  4. Fear of people

    "Hello Sydney Sider's"

    "Hello to everyone who lives in Sydney and around OZ. I am also new to this site and I have suffered from SA for many years now and thought I was the only person who did until I came across this fantastic site. I currently live at Bondi about a 10 minute walk to Bondi beach from where I live. I...
  5. Fear of people

    "Hello to all you poms"

    "Hi there" I have just joined this site myself and as I am new...I'm introducing myself to the whole world. I currently live in Sydney Australia and happily married but still deciding wether or not to have children. I have family residing in the Uk as well...I have a mother who lives some where...
  6. Fear of people

    "Hello to all you Yankee's"

    "Goodday" to all you Americans out there" I have just joined this awesome web site myself just a week ago and I hope this site can help me overcome my social phobia syndrome. I currently live in Sydney Australia and I am happily married for one. I have never travelled yet to the states...