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  1. hippiechild

    Hippiechild's Music

    Wooo... let's get rid of that awful background noise! how about some music! boy, I really like this one Where the boys are - Connie Francis - YouTube :D
  2. hippiechild

    Hippiechild's Journal

    Well.. today's another day. I feel so excluded, like for whatever reason I've been separated out into my own compartment of the world. I mean, I just don't get it at this point.. what am I doing wrong? I also try telling people personal information, getting conversations going that way, but...
  3. hippiechild

    Scribbles and Fun

    Having been on this site for a while, it's become very clear to me that SPW is an absolute treasure trove of creativity and enthusiasm! The poetry section is constantly filled with beautiful prose, the artist thread is full of wonderful works and overall there seems to be a certain brilliance...
  4. hippiechild

    Sound Effects

    Do any of ya'll fellas make sound effects for various activities that you take part in? *hops down from ledge into street* "shhoooo!" *goes down the line at the salad bar, selecting various tasty greens* "chu chuu chu cha chu..." So yeah, I'm just dying to know! :D
  5. hippiechild

    Athens Ohio :)

    Well hello, dear friends. I just wondered if there are any of you living in Athens Ohio, or on the Ohio University campus. Having spent the last few years in almost total isolation, it's beginning to wear on me.. soo... if you do, we go for a quiet walk in the woods or...
  6. hippiechild

    Skype Chat Friends

    Alright... We're all friends here.. and it'd be awesome to be able to keep in touch with you fine fellas and fellees outside of the forum. The forum is great, but the chatbox has deceased and the minichat is, honestly, quite confining. We need to come together, to unite in a place where we can...
  7. hippiechild

    SPW Spring Photography Extravaganza

    Ohhh the weather is cooool and the season of renewal warms the heart but, since I so rarely go outside to experience the glories of this time of year, it's kinda saddening. What a waste, right!? If you're in a similar situation, then boy do I have something for you! Rather than sitting...
  8. hippiechild

    A callout to my Homies! (utter nonsense)

    Let's seeeee... if compasso> carrythroughraiz misleg webster, HK>HHK>CH7 or scoot swingthrough cork> swing boxcutter... make any sense to you, at all, please contact meeeee :eek: I need some assistance with some rather specific shnizzle!
  9. hippiechild

    Hone Your Social Skills *Victorian England Edition*

    This specialized simulator covers: •How to navigate the ballroom with perfect poise and social grace! •What to do when you happen upon a puddle in the way of your traipsing! •The appropriate article of clothing for visiting the train station! •Whether or not a frock coat is suitable for...
  10. hippiechild

    I love you

    I do, I really, actually love you! Every single and last one of you marvelous members of this impossibly beautiful world. I don't even mean collectively, with exclusion of outliers... I thoroughly love you all on the most individual level, every pixel of every letter. There's this feeling...
  11. hippiechild

    Post Yourned Handscribelings!

    I've always found handwriting and the variations in it to be interesting and beautiful. I love, love seeing how different people go about the same task, adding their own flair and personality into it... always eager to look at things that people have written! So, kindly SPW souls, I would like...
  12. hippiechild

    Eugh... drivers licence bureau

    I've been putting off my driving test for a long time and I finally called to schedule one yesterday. They took my name and proceeded to say "give me some social" "what?! " "yeah... could you give me your social" which point I was too panicked to realize that they were referring to social...
  13. hippiechild

    "Tell Me Your Personal Strengths..."

    So... I've started going to therapy, for whatever reason, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The therapist ended the last session by asking me to think about my "strengths" while I was home. He wanted to discuss them with me during our next meeting... I'm sure that many of you have had similar...
  14. hippiechild

    *Vyana* (my winter video)

    welp, I've worked hard on this and wanted to share it with the only forum that I really trust not to spit on my passion :D I would be absolutely beside myself with joy if a few people from here gave me a comment or a rating on youtube...or just a comment on here. Maybe you could help dilute...
  15. hippiechild

    Meeting people on a trail

    This is one of the more awkward situations that I run into, one of the few that I can't even visualize doing correctly. So I'm walking on a trail and spot someone coming down the trail towards me, probably 60 meters away. We both see each other walking towards each other. I don't know how to...
  16. hippiechild

    Talking to memories?

    I've found myself reciting my side of conversations without realizing it. I start thinking of when I was talking to someone yesterday,then I think out their side of the conversation in my head. I am thinking out their half and speaking my responses out loud. I usually stop after 2-4 responses...