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  1. vj288

    Jobs and making by. Also, hey, look, a poll! Remember Polls? I love polls.

    Hello SPW, I have a question for you. The question is not "What is a good job for shy people/people with social anxiety/people who don't like people?" That's far too vague of a question. One person with social anxiety, for example, could thrive in a customer service setting since the...
  2. vj288

    Life, soccer metaphors, deadend thinking, and one crazy vj.

  3. vj288

    Motivation - The next year plan

    Motivation, I find, can be very fickle. I find this especially true for individuals like myself who are prone to bouts of depression. That is why I feel when you grab hold of that motivation, you cannot let it go, since you do not know when it will pop up again. That is why I am creating this...
  4. vj288

    What's you American Accent? (quiz! :D)

    I found this quiz surfing the interwebs, so what's yours? What American accent do you have? Your Result: The Midland "You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana...
  5. vj288

    "hmm" noises

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else ever caught themselves, or had it pointed out to them, that they make non-verbal noises when around people or in conversation or in the company or others (or, by yourself I suppose). If so, what are they and when do you find yourself making them? I have a...
  6. vj288

    Does the internet create intimacy or isolation?

    While reading through the forums this topic has come up in the past, and I'm interested to see what other people think about it. I found this short article about both sides that I found to be interesting(below). Especially focu on the bits about online relationships (of all kinds), as someone...
  7. vj288

    One-Year Plan

    In a year it will be October, 2012. I was thinking about this the other day, and how different things could be at that point. And that made me think back to October 2010, and what things about me are different since then, and how things then were different than in 2009. A lot changes over the...
  8. vj288

    When you say "SA" what do you mean?

    Hi, this is just a semantics question that has been bugging me since I first joined the forum. When you use the abbreviation SA, or say "Social Anxiety," what are you referring too? I know it can vary depending on context, so just in general.
  9. vj288

    Post Great Live Performances.

    Music or otherwise. Anna Nalick "Walk Away" Live - YouTube Round Here (acoustic) by Counting Crows - YouTube
  10. vj288

    The Ultimate act of avoidance.

    Avoidance never actually fixes anything, it just puts things on hold in hope they work themselves out. The more devoted to avoidance one is, the more they're willing to give up. The more selfish they're willing to be, the more cowardly they're willing to act. And in this game of weights and...
  11. vj288

    What should I say on the phone for an extension?

    Hi, so I just got a call about a job, and I have to call them back and am a little unsure about one part of the call (I had the phone in my hand and should have just picked up but that's besides the point). So she called and left the message and said to call her back, and that her extension...
  12. vj288


    So I've noticed quite a few people on here play scrabble and thought I'd make a thread about. So do you play? If you play online, where? I play on Lexulous, and I don't think there's a way to add friends unless you're on at the same time but if you see someone with the username vj288 it's me ;)...
  13. vj288

    What are you trying to accomplish?

    So most people here have some sort of problem they are trying to solve in one way or another, and what I'm curious about is what specifically that is. And I don't mean "to cure myself of SA," I mean specifically, what are you aspiring to accomplish? What is wrong, and how do you want it to be...
  14. vj288

    Psychoanalyze Yourself!

    So I was looking up some stuff online about psychoanalyzing yourself, and the first thing that came up on google was this (below), which I thought was kinda cool. It's not to be taken too seriously, but I thought my results were interesting at least. If you want good results don't cheat! (which...
  15. vj288

    Trouble asking for help?

    Sorry if this thread has been done before, but does anyone else have a difficult time asking for help, or or asking for things in general? I'm not sure if it's pride or not wanting to perceived as silly for not knowing something or how to do something, but something makes it really hard for me...
  16. vj288

    Riots in Egypt?

  17. vj288

    What's your favorite Decade of Music?

    What's your favorite decade when it comes to music? I love the 90's, wish I was born 10 years earlier so I could have been around to experience it all.
  18. vj288

    Do you second guess yourself?

    I do, all the time. Anyone else?
  19. vj288

    Comic Strip Thread!

    Post your favorite comic strips!
  20. vj288

    Why are you here?

    There's another thread just like this but the poll closed so I thought I'd start a new one.(This is legal right?) Just curious to why you all are here at SPW.