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  1. lifesnotfair


    The older i get the worse the feeling of desperation and loneliness is affecting me. I have posted before on here about the same thing, But it really keeps bothering me. I have a problem with connecting with people, always have. Never been able to fit in, even if i was completely welcome...
  2. lifesnotfair

    Life seens easier for those who use and abuse.

    Can anyone explain to me how people who break all the rules, get married, have kids, have a lot of things in their lives. Then there are people who follow the rules, are responsible, caring, and helpful get shafted, blamed and shamed for their mistakes, and have to fight years and years of...
  3. lifesnotfair

    Happy Valentines Day

    As much as I really dislike Feb 14, its not fair to blast everyone that is happy and in a great relationship in the bitterness of Feb 14. I wish everyone who is fortunate enough to be with someone, or even those who are single and feeling hopeless, Happy Valentines Day!
  4. lifesnotfair

    Valentines Day sucks

    I am going to get drunk on Valentines day, just knowing that being alone for 30 Valentines Days I can only get through by sleeping and or Drinking till I am good and plastered..
  5. lifesnotfair

    Life is bullshit

    Everything about life is bullshit, dating, people, finding happiness, all Bullshit. We are all programmed to believe that we have to fit into certain norms to be popular, successful, happy, etc.. People equate money and looks to love and marriage. I am through being someone who should fit...
  6. lifesnotfair

    Desperation vs Wanting something real

    I have been constantly told that i am coming across as desperate when trying to find someone. Common suggestions i have been told over the years are: Find a Hobby Go to Church Go Back to School Go to the Bar Try online dating Go Drinking Well the problem with many of those, is that...
  7. lifesnotfair

    How do you deal with Bullies that have better lifes than you do at your expense

    All the bullies that i have had the misfortune of dealing with have seem to have better lives. They have a family, job, and seem to have it altogether. Granted that might be a show. But these are the same people who got the girls, grades, and all the scholarships. How can you deal with...
  8. lifesnotfair

    Dead Inside

    I feel dead inside. I feel nothing but dullness and hopelessness. I cannot ask anyone to be with me with a dead soul, so its probably a good thing that nobody wants to be around me.
  9. lifesnotfair

    lack of any intimacy

    I have been really bothered recently the fact that i have never been intimate with a woman or anyone for that matter. The question is, how does that affect people that never been able to communicate or interact with women, let alone be intimate with them? how does that affect their lives? Does...
  10. lifesnotfair

    Ugly and Toxic Person

    I have been often told that I am a very ugly and very toxic person to be around. I have no clue why other than I have had severe mental health issues for some time, and being so depressed has made me very moody towards others. Nobody understands that part of my mental health problems things...
  11. lifesnotfair

    How do you deal with being called the same names over and over again

    All throughout my life, I have been called, creepy, a reject, a loser, scary looking, ugly, among other things. I have been called so many names and other adjectives that I have begun to actually believe it, and therefore turning into those things that people have called me. Its been almost...
  12. lifesnotfair

    Paroxitine (Paxil) causes behavioral problems

    I recently had some major issues with Paxil. It would cause major mood problems as well as strange and disturbing behavioral problems that have caused some problems with me. As soon as i was aware of these problems i immediately (well gradually weaned off of it) and now i feel semi normal...
  13. lifesnotfair

    Never been able to connect to women

    Ever since a child, i have never been able to connect with people, or make eye contact with others. Its been a very difficult obsticle to deal with. In high school, I was always considered a geek or a nerd or someone who was made fun of by everyone, especially women. Whenever i tried to make...
  14. lifesnotfair

    Talking does no good anymore

    I have suffered from Mental Illness in greater than 20 years. I am pretty sure i have some aspect of autism considering my behaviors. Of course nobody has ever diagnosed me so who knows.. I have huge anxiety problems, major depression, OCD. I have seen doctors, counsellors, psychiatrists...
  15. lifesnotfair

    Ultimate failure in life.

    I am 35 years old, and i feel like such a failure. I am the only guy that has not had a girlfriend, never dated, I have anxiety so disabling i can't work or meet new people. I really want to die because i can't talk about it with anyone, because i don't want to bother then with my problems. I...
  16. lifesnotfair

    dissapointment vs Failure

    i guess i shouldn't be suprised if more and more of my "friends" are getting engaged, having children, have steady employment, etc.. they say grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. But my grass is dead... so anything would be better in what i am living through. I am alone...
  17. lifesnotfair

    so very tired

    i am so tired of feeling like i am the only guy who is going to be lonely for the rest of his life. I know i have probably posted something like this before, but i see all my other friends and even with younger are happy, have someone in their life, and seem to be sucessful. whereas i am the...
  18. lifesnotfair

    Life Does Suck

    People try to convince me that life is what you make of it, and life is soo good.. It really isn't. I have been told to practice saying life is good, however i can't even think about life being good. I am the only one who thinks lif e is worthless. Nobody else seems to care or understand. I...
  19. lifesnotfair

    high anxiety prevents going out

    i am afraid of going out. I don't have any friends that will go out with me. People say to me that i should go out and do things out of my apartment. How can one do so when one is so stressed and anxious about every little thing in life. how can one overcome these obsticles. I have no clue...
  20. lifesnotfair


    Maybe the rep levels could have some of the wording changed, because being an unknown entity at this time really doesn't help. Just wording on the rep comments should be adjusted