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  1. Xervello

    Any House of the Dragon fans?

    Anyone watching? Admittedly, I had zero desire to watch this show. I was a fan of Game of Thrones for about five seasons, then it started going off the rails during season six. Season seven was awful. The final season was atrocious. And I don't care one iota about silly dragons, so when I...
  2. Xervello

    Does Social Media Help?

    Just curious to any APDs that may still kick the tires around here, does social media help, hinder or have no effect on your ability to connect with people? Speaking for myself, things like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. (almost exclusively Twitter for me) have helped take the edge off of...
  3. Xervello

    Horror Movie Discussion

    It's horror movie time! *dances around in a bloody banana costume shaking cursed marimbas* Through my extensive search of a couple pages in this sub-forum I hadn't seen any threads devoted to horror films so I thought, hey, the time is now. Let's begin with this question, shall we...
  4. Xervello

    What Platforms You Use to Meet People

    Thought I'd start a thread asking people what platforms they use to talk with friends or meet new people, be they forums like this, facebook, twitter, various apps, gaming sites, etc, to give everyone a better idea of the options out there. This place is great for learning about issues and...
  5. Xervello

    Hello again!

    Hello, fellow Phobies! Er, social phobia warriors? Soshie Fobs? What do we call ourselves these days? That's the crux of it, eh. Anyhow, I've been absent from this site for a long, long while and I thought I'd pop my head up out of my hobbit hole and try reconnecting again. This place has...
  6. Xervello

    The OA season two

    Curious to see if anyone here is a fan of The OA and watched season two yet? It dropped about a week go and once I finally got access to Netflix again I binged that shiz (8 hours worth) in one day. Won't spoil anything other than to say I thoroughly enjoyed it but it's quite different in tone...
  7. Xervello

    Obscure 60's Psychedelia

    So I tried making an obscure 60's music thread awhile back but it became hijacked by other (well-meaning) individuals spamming their own favorites into it and I lost interest. However, a productive void spurned on by insomnia has reinvigorated my motivation to once again post. This may be a...
  8. Xervello

    How Are You at Solving Mysteries?

    A few years ago I posted an appeal to the peeps at SPW asking who was interested in playing a mystery game on ChatBox or Google chat. It's a board game called Crack the Case that can be played online in which I give you a brief description of a murder/crime and you ask me questions based on the...
  9. Xervello

    60's Pop/Folk/Psychedelia

    I'm a huge nerd for obscure 60's bands, in genres spanning garage rock to pop to psychedelia to folk to country to bubblegum and so on. The time I didn't spend with friends or socializing I used to research countless websites and forums looking for any unheralded sonic nugget I could find...
  10. Xervello

    The Tricky Task of Explaining Yourself to New People

    One of the things that makes meeting new people so damned difficult is having to explain social phobias to those who don't understand it or would belittle it. It's been a few years since I've made any new friends. And these are online friends only. I have no offline ones. But even with...
  11. Xervello

    Tell us who you REALLY are!?

    I'm bored, so I made up this list. Be as deep or silly as you want! If you were in a band, what would your band name be? What would your last meal be? If reincarnation is real, what kind of animal/insect would you come back as? Which celebrity would you like to switch places with for a month...
  12. Xervello

    Bruce Jenner and SA

    I watched the interview last night. I felt sorry for him. I know he and his reality show family are ripe for ridicule, but then I thought about my own social phobia. Knowing what I feel/think/go through just with that. Then I imagined having to deal with that AND paparazzi/press/late night...
  13. Xervello

    The Walking Dead

    Who else thought that last week's episode "Them" was one of their best? I'm sure a lot of people will complain about how slow it was, or that nothing happened. What I love about the show are the times when they focus on the small details of survival, which are quite realistic in said scenario...
  14. Xervello

    Animals, shmanimals!

    The aardvark doesn't bark. The beaver wields no cleaver. A cow doesn't meow, But my dog can saw a log! An elephant's intelligence Is as high as the fox is sly. Giraffes are good for laughs But hyenas don't rhyme with anything! Iguanas are no primadonnas. They don't cackle like a jackal Should...
  15. Xervello

    The Walking Dead season finale (spoilers)

    What did you all think?!? First off, I love the show, but am objective enough to admit I don't love everything. While this season had some highs and lows, I thought each episode offered something good, even if some scenes or characters worked and others didn't. Having said all that, I really...
  16. Xervello

    What are YOU all about!

    What's goin' on in thar, hmm. Fess up! What's your greatest character strength? What's your biggest character flaw? What's your greatest talent? What talent do you wish you had? What one thing are you most confident doing? Describe your ideal friend? Describe your ideal mate? What do you...
  17. Xervello

    Girls (TV show)

    'K, I love the show, but... Hannah has become soooo unlikeable. I mean, she was always a self-involved person but this third season it seems like she's just totally not given any fukcs about anyone else. Maybe she was always like that and the humor of the show sugarcoated it. This season does...
  18. Xervello

    Cats Affect SAD?

    It's true. A parasite spread by cats can alter human social behavior in positive and negative ways. More good for women, less so for men, depending on your point of view. A blog post with the study's link below: How Cats Can Control Us « The Dish
  19. Xervello

    The Poor Are Ruining MY Country!

  20. Xervello

    Random Virgin Questions

    A spider just crawled up my leg. So is that first or second base?