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  1. Graeme1988

    Graeme's Wee Mad Mental Music Thread

    Eh... Cannae quite believe am daein this!:eek::eek:mg: Awrite! Let's gie it laldy! :D Here ye go... enjoy or dislike as ye please. It’s the first thing I came up with without using any samples.
  2. Graeme1988

    Och aye the noo

    Hullo, there lads n' lassies! Or "Ach, aye, the noo"! Ye awright? Guid! Well, this is ma first ever thread on here. So, sorry if am a wee bit nervous n' that. Huv'nae a clue whit am gonnae talk aboot? :idontknow: Ma life? Awright, then. Here we f**kin' go...!! Let's Paint This Forum Tartan...
  3. Graeme1988

    Anyone Else Having This Problem?

    Hi, I would appreciate some feedback regarding an issue I have been having with this website. If I have a private message or someone replies to a thread which I am subscribed to, I no longer receive an instant email notification. Is this an issue that anyone else has or have been experiencing...
  4. Graeme1988

    Hello, I'm new here

    I just joined, thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Graeme. I've had social phobia most of my life. I also have depression, which I think most people with social phobia have. My social phobia started to get worse when I was 12 years old. High school was torture for me, I was bullied...