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  1. RachB


    So I've been on Lexapro for 4 months already. The doctor started me off on 5mg and now my dosage is 20mg. I feel like the drug has never worked for me and every time I saw my doctor and told him that, he just kept increasing my dosage rather than prescribing me something else. I just stopped...
  2. RachB

    Anxious about next year

    I'll try to make this story short. Basically, I've worked at the same grocery store for the past 15 tears because of my anxiety issues etc, it's been easier. I started off as cashier and worked my way up to manager (I'm a grocery & perishable manager). Within the next few week, the other store...
  3. RachB

    I'm so annoyed at her lack of understanding

    I have Social Anxiety. Probably many other things too. Going out for me is sometimes extremely hard. I get an extremely upset stomach, sometimes I get a bit shakey and throw up. So, I try to avoid going out unless I absolutely have to. This morning my gf made me feel bad for wanting to see my...
  4. RachB

    Hi everyone :)

    apologise if this post is long. I tried to cut out some bits to make it shorter but here I go. My name Rach and I'm 26 years old. I've have social anxiety for a very long time. My mum believes it started when was 10-12 years old. I thought it was much later but I believe she's right because I...