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    Done being nice

    Maybe this belongs in an Alanon forum, but I like the people here. I'm an adult woman, financially independent, and socially adequate, though I've struggled to overcome shyness, anxiety, depression, and such. I've noticed a trend in my life which disturbs me, and my usual response is to run...
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    Humor Is the Best Medicine

    People here need a good laugh, or maybe just a smile. Some good humor to ease the seriousness of our SA minds. Post something funny or happy...I'll start. Look up "Mental Health Hotline" on YouTube! DISCLAIMER: this is a joke!
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    philosophy and grey matter

    I have been reading the exceptional book The Body Keeps the Score, about the effects of trauma, real or imagined, and lately made an observation. Why is it that certain risky, yet normal, activities empower some while traumatizing others. Is a person with SA slowly becoming a victim to a...
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    I feel half-crazed, especially around people. Trauma left me phobic around sources of danger, especially sharp objects and chemicals. Diagnosed OCD. I haven't been able to 'let it go' for over a decade. Feeling a little better after changing lifestyle and diet, and increasing serotonin. I...