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  1. Xervello

    Does Social Media Help?

    Thank you, and you seem nice, also. :) Twitter is like most other places, you can use whatever name you want. You can give as much or as little information about yourself as you choose. It's a great way to engage in public conversations (about politics, music, sports, science, veganism...
  2. Xervello

    Does Social Media Help?

    Twitter is highly addictive and can bring out one's worst traits (negativity, bitchiness, bullying, etc.) but it's also good in that you're exposed to other people's viewpoints, pick up on things you're not ordinarily aware. The first year or so of being on it, I definitely indulged in my worst...
  3. Xervello


    Initially I was that way in my 20's when I was more socially active than I am now (though I wasn't that socially active then either) and it was exhausting always being on guard. Your situation sounds equally exhaustive. Some of it is warranted. As with your post about compliments, most often...
  4. Xervello

    Does Social Media Help?

    Just curious to any APDs that may still kick the tires around here, does social media help, hinder or have no effect on your ability to connect with people? Speaking for myself, things like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. (almost exclusively Twitter for me) have helped take the edge off of...
  5. Xervello

    rate the last film you watched

    3.5 out of 4 stars or 5? Scream is my favorite franchise, so while I still liked 4, I thought it was the weakest. Was pleasantly surprised by 5. Still not as good as the og trilogy but pretty good, nonetheless. Stoked for the next!
  6. Xervello

    depression, work burnout,stress and anixty rant.. just need to get it out

    One thing I can think of that can help on days off is find that one thing you enjoy doing that makes you happy (if you have one), be it reading a favorite book, watching a comfort movie, playing games, whatever it is. Once you're in a better mood from doing that, it's a little easier to tackle...
  7. Xervello


    A belated welcome to the forum! Appreciate all you said.
  8. Xervello

    Post your picture thread

    Most definitely not a potato and actually quite lovely, in fact!
  9. Xervello

    rate the last film you watched

    Knives Out 10/10 I've seen it twice now and watching it again with the knowledge of what happens was as much fun as seeing it the first time trying to figure it out. It's clever, funny and highly entertaining throughout.
  10. Xervello

    Things you miss about your childhood

    A lot of those things seem doable now. If you're talking about the aura of youth and the frame of mind where the future lies ahead and anything seems possible, I get that. As weird as it might seem for an adult to delight in youthful things, if people are gonna think we're weird, we might as...
  11. Xervello

    Post your favourite music

    This song hits my nostalgia G spot like no other.
  12. Xervello

    Post your favourite music

    Even though I kinda grew up with them I wasn't a fan. Becoming a late convert to them. Love this song. And Robert still plays it beautifully live.
  13. Xervello

    Newish here

    Belated hello and welcome to the forum, Keara! Sorry that you're going through some rough times. Hopefully we can help ease the badness somewhat. :)
  14. Xervello

    Are you ever jealous of other people?

    I think we all get jealous. Some might not want to admit it or try to rationalize it/describe it as something else. If you've ever had an ex, ever been poor, ever seen someone happy, ever wanted something/someone you can't have, chances are you've been jealous at some point. At the moment I...
  15. Xervello

    Do you choose to stay at home or go out?

    I stay at home almost always. The only time I leave is when I dogsit for a family member who goes out of town for the weekend. Having severe social anxiety, I don't like it. I love being outside, I love nature, I love being active but doing those things alone is too frightening. Having...
  16. Xervello

    Post your favorite Youtube videos!

    That is weirdly calming. Alarmingly so, lol.
  17. Xervello

    Post your favourite music

    Lyrics: Now is the glimmering spinning beginning Of something I've prayed for and counted the minutes To be in the shadows of sheltering meadows Of night here with you in my arms Nothing is breathing as sunset is leaving Except you and I in the stillness of moonlight We're tenderly touching in...
  18. Xervello

    Please Watch This Video.

    Thank you for making this video. I didn't know this particular disorder existed. While I don't suffer from it personally, there are aspects of your experience that I can relate to; particularly the isolation and having to endure through those circumstances. That aspect of what you've lived...
  19. Xervello

    Game Of Thrones Thread **SPOILERS AHEAD**

    I really liked it! Not being a huge fan of last season I wasn't as jazzed about this final one as much as I've been others but about halfway through the ep I kept checking how much time was left (in a good way) hoping there was a lot more left to go. I thought they did a great job touching...
  20. Xervello

    What Platforms You Use to Meet People

    OMG, MSN Messenger, lol. I loved that bleepin' thing. It was great because it had silly games on it you could play with friends. Even an in-video feature that me and another friend would watch and comment on movies together. Not to mention how simple and transparent it was to manage...