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  1. grapevine

    F0AM's Horror Den AKA The Creepy Shitty Thread

    Midsomer would have to be the most disturbing movie ive seen. But also The Greasy Strangler is too.
  2. grapevine

    Why does Dawson's Creek look so old now ?

    I think they got mobile phones after the Millenial bug haha
  3. grapevine

    Why does Dawson's Creek look so old now ?

    Thats because it is haha. My point being, for anyone who was a teen in the 90s, or even early 2000s. It is weird when you get older to watch shows you grew up with and see how actually old they are now. Really though, on Dawsons Creek, i never realized how they were able to just turn up and...
  4. grapevine

    How are you feeling?

    I had some vegan chocolate and up at nearly 2am on here lol. I had chocolate in the afternoon. Im pretty much caffiene -sensitive.
  5. grapevine

    rate the last film you watched

    Jungle Cruise was good.
  6. grapevine

    I'm unwanted.

    I think its abandonment that makes you feel like that, but it doesnt mean any of those things are true. I know it feels like it and can really hurt inside, but believing in a narrative of yourself - even being an outcast means you are special in a good way kind of thing. I have these dips how...
  7. grapevine

    how can i get over my agoraphobia?

    A mixture of relaxation with small steps of things you avoid. I remember just walking down the driveway to put the bin out and being terrified because of the neighbor's views i felt eyes all on me. I decided to calm my breathing and body by listening to music that helps my body relax in a...
  8. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    My dad lost his car keys the other day. Because i was the last person to use them, he assumed i had lost them. For two days we looked everywhere and i turned my room upside down and spent hours outside in a paddock trying to find them. At one point i needed to wrap an ebay item ready to send and...
  9. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    Its been very hard to not be able to go out. For almost 11 months. Its really played havoc on my social phobia, self esteem and more than anything depression and anxiety. I feel like everyone is living around me, but i have to wait to live mine and at the same time , ive lost so many years, a...
  10. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    Havent been on here again in some time. Tbh, ive been so busy with eBay selling that it had taken over all my time. Ive been on and off quite depressed and full of anxiety. Its been nearly a year with no car. Since the pandemic car prices here have shot up and ive basically not have a life...
  11. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    Havent been on in awhile. Bit anxious today because i have been on the phone with a car salesman inquiring about a car and wanting finance, and then upfront telling the guy im on disability pension is that okay? He has to talk to his financer and will ring me back. Argh the worst anxiety. I...
  12. grapevine

    Post your favourite music

    And from my youth : :D
  13. grapevine

    Now That You've Been Fully Vaccinated...

    Yep crossing fingers Pfizer gets a rollout and i can get a jab next year, but i wont get my hopes up with greg hunt lol
  14. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    After a few days of turmoil thanks to rugs, im dealing with the emotional adjustments once again. I know its healthy to not have someone so unstable and so mentally ill in my life. I know i need to get through all my emotions and not repress them. He rang me up the other day and told me it we...
  15. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    So im going to write because i feel a bit anxious still. So Rugs had messaged me this morning saying he was disturbed last night and he basically gave me an ultimation and didnt think he could hang out with me anymore. Then i hear nothing. He recently went to the mental hospital in isolation for...
  16. grapevine

    "it's not what happens to you, it's how you perceive it" and

    I agree. I get swallowed by a victim mentality often. I kinda indulge in it for a while. If im really depressed, its because ive really been thinking woe me over and over and its become of me. But i love the quote - its not what happens to me , its how i perceive it. Because that is so true.
  17. grapevine

    The importance of people

    If you go without being social for some time, social skills erode but more importantly your sense of who you are erodes too. Well that is what has happened to me in the past. Your social identity gets lost, you get more sensitive to try and find clues in others to find out who you are and it can...
  18. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    So about rugs. So a 3-4 weeks ago he spent 20 days in the mental health ward at the hospital. I hadnt heard from him except a message where he was angry and confused with everyone. Then nothing. It wreaked havock with my anxiety and depression. For weeks there was nothing from him. Prior to...