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    So much is going on... :(

    It's been since 2013 since I had a job. I've been bullied a lot and I'm not sure if this brings on the case or not. I've been avoiding a lot of things. I don't work and I don't go to college because I'm afraid I'm going to get picked on. Sometimes I get very nervous and I get nervous and I can...
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    Am I able to do this?

    I'd like to change my user name again please if this is possible.
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    Need someone to talk too.

    There's times where I need someone to talk too. I've tried to put myself out there & I feel like it's gotten me nowhere. Is there someone out there that would like to talk to me? I hate to sound so desperate, but I'd just like to put myself out there and like to talk to people who's actually...
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    How do I get notified that I'm receiving private message in my inbox. I'm trying to look through option but I'm not sure what to click on or how to set it up that way. Sometimes it takes me a long time to get back to people and I liked to be notified that people have messaged me. Can someone...
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    User Name Changed

    Can I please have my user name changed? This is something I need to do cause I'm afraid my ex boyfriend is stalking me and I want to change my user name to something else. Can this please be done. :sad:
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    Depression Creeping Back In...

    My depression has came back into my life: I suffer with bi polar disorder along with PTSD, right now I'm starting to lose hope. I avoid trying to make friends cause I'm always afraid people will leave me in the end. Have a few friends online but a lot of them are dropping like flies and won't...
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    Hello everyone.

    Just wanted to post this up cause I've been gone from this site from some time. But I finally came back and planning on being more active on the site. I'm a pretty friendly person, caring, down to earth and love having deep conversations with others. I've met a few people on here so far and I'm...
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    Verbal and Emotionally Bullied

    It took me awhile to post this up, but I recently got out of a relationship with my boyfriend who pretty much bullied me for three years. We broke up on and off through out the years and now I finally left him for good. Now I'm suffering with depression and trying to get myself back on my feet...
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    Username change

    I was wondering if this is possible at all. I mostly use another user name that I use in most of the other forums I belong too. Whenever I come on here I tend to forget my user name and was wondering if I could change it? :question:
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    I've gotten depressed over the last few months

    I'm not sure what happened but I feel like I lost myself. And I want to get that person back. I let my ex boyfriend back into my life and I regret this. I've noticed my depression has gotten worse. Most of the time he's always upset or down, and his moods overtime started to affect me. Haven't...
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    Doubts on love

    I've been in relationships before and every single one of them has ended horribly. Anytime I meet any guy, everything is great in the beginning and than after awhile I end up seeing their true mask and I feel so stupid every time. It's like I'm attracted to guys who take advantage of me and try...
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    Hello. Just joined today. :)

    Hello, I just joined today. Decided I should join, cause it's really hard to meet people in person cause I'm so nervous and shy. I always worry that I'll say the wrong thing and people won't like me for some reason. Hopefully this place can help me relate to others. Look forward on meeting...