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  1. Remus

    What happened to SPW?

    The other SA sites have also taken a hit too. SAS and SAUK
  2. Remus

    What happened to SPW?

    Facebook, Reddit, lack of advertising, using out of date software, the list goes on.
  3. Remus

    Social Anxiety Memes

  4. Remus


    I'm in a single parent group on FB, the stories you hear seem rife. I think sociopaths have a much bigger net thanks to the internet.
  5. Remus

    Ugh Facebook.

    Yeah its tricky, I've had death threats on here in the dark SPW past. Not sure I'd want to run something FB groupwise, a page is different though.
  6. Remus

    Social Anxiety Memes

  7. Remus

    Ugh Facebook.

    I've wondered about getting a FB SPW group up and running. This place has died thanks to bad advertising and zero input from you know who. Might be able to drag some people onto here as it's a great source of information.
  8. Remus

    Ugh Facebook.

    I use it now more than anything, the block function wonderful. I need a real life version
  9. Remus

    Religious debate

    This has become a 'mocking people for being religious' thread rather than anything to do with sensible debate. I'm not religious but I can see how it really is quite insulting. How about a respectful conversation instead?
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    Hello Peter :)
  11. Remus

    This is my last post - Its positive!

    Great stuff :)
  12. Remus

    Gamers thread

  13. Remus

    Social Anxiety Memes

  14. Remus

    Social Anxiety Memes

  15. Remus

    Social Anxiety Memes

  16. Remus

    Guys a question for you

    Seems a bit sexist, manspreading and mansplaining are different things :)
  17. Remus

    Hi everyone, talk to me!

    Yeah, she's been a very supportive warm person over the years.
  18. Remus

    Chatbox open

    The chat has way more functions than the old one, more like FB group chat
  19. Remus

    I've struggled to log in for the last 6 months, thought'he' was going to pull the plug. new...

    I've struggled to log in for the last 6 months, thought'he' was going to pull the plug. new forum and chatbox now. wowsers