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  1. Sacrament

    Small talk

    Interesting debate so far.
  2. Sacrament

    Small talk

    I was wondering: how do you get around small talk? In my head, there's always a battle going on between what I think will be funny or interesting, and what I think other people will find boring or uninteresting. But when I think about what other people are talking to me about, and they're doing...
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    Please Watch This Video.

    Much love to you. Feel free to chat whenever you need.
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    So Awkward, It's Funny. Share Your Stories.

    - Happy Easter! - You too! - You too... shit.
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    I'm Confused Even More!!! - Update!

    I think his intentions were clear from the start. If he wanted to spend time with you, he'd simply spend time with you. It's easy for people to manipulate someone who's emotionally 'stunted', so my advice would be for you to build on your self-love in order to stop falling into those traps.
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    Do you believe people can read your mind?

    There is absolutely no logic behind the idea that people can read your mind.
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    Saying cognitive statments in a safe place?

    The point of those types of statements is to trying rational thoughts into your irrational thought-infused brain, especially in stressful situations. So, they can and will work depending on how you use them (ie, don't expect them to fix everything, only to soften the blow of anxiety).
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    I've created a Discord server for SPW

    I think it's just a matter of being online and then a couple people join the voice chat like it's no big deal and then someone says hi and there it is.
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    I've created a Discord server for SPW

    I was hoping people would use it for voice chats, but it still hasn't happened.
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    I am so depressed

    Trust me, I tried that. I explained exactly what I meant to say, but when you're as insecure as she is, and when you're in such denial of your insecurities that you refuse to talk about it and get past it, it's hard to mend things. It's been months and she's still hurt by a dumb misunderstanding.
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    Pushing People Away

    I think people with anxiety/introverts have a tendency to do this because social interactions are exhausting. It's not necessarily because the other person's become boring or uninteresting to us, but because prolonged interaction is draining. At least this seems to be the case with me. The...
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    I am so depressed

    In my case, I think it's because my mind is so fast that it trips over itself, and I end up saying something that I didn't mean at all because there's too many words being thrown around in there. The only thing you can do is own up to it, say you're sorry, and if they decide to be assholes, then...
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    I am so depressed

    This reminds me of myself a few months back. I was hanging out with a couple of friends (one of them being a girl), and she was talking about how she goes out with friends and guys approach her, etc. Mind you, she's a bit overweight and very insecure about her appearance. I wanted to say "of...
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    Probably CBT.
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    Valentines Day sucks

    We should all move to wherever lifesnotfair is from and we'd all just hang out.
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    Valentines Day sucks

    It's just another day. Take yourself out on a date and do something you enjoy.
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    I am so depressed

    It doesn't change overnight. It's a process. It's why so many people become discouraged. Keep at it, and eventually it'll become louder than the old processes.
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    I am so depressed

    That's awesome, dude. I think you've touched on an important 'fix': getting out of your own head. Once you do that, you stop focusing on your internal self-destructive dialogue, and focus on what actually matters.
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    Life is bullshit

    But what happened, exactly, to make you feel this way? What events took place in your life that were very unfair to you despite your best efforts?