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    I have not able to see the chatbox for more than a year. can you help?

    as i said it has disappeared a long time ago i had just assumed it was removed but others have said it is still there before but i can't see the link at the top of page like everyone else. Is it still there? can anyone else see it?
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    anyone want gears of war download code for xbox 360.

    I got a free xbox live download code for original gears of war with gears of war judgment. I already have the game so if anyone wants it message me :)
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    what do you think of dating sites?

    opinions?? who here has tried them and did it work for anyone?
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    Better version of The Hobbit

    Хоббит / The Hobbit (СССР / USSR, 1985 г.) - YouTube
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    what i would do for a friend

    :sad: 23 and never had even one friend in real life ever. i try not to let it get to me but it really really lonely. i wish i could have even just one.
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    hey how is everyone doing?

    I'd just like to say hi to everyone as i haven't posted here in a while :) how is everyone doing? and welcome to the new people! anything interesting that i missed??:D
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    mini messanger dissapearing and can't get on chatbox ???

    the mini messenger is disappearing alot for me lately is there anyway to bring it up? and also what happened to the chatbox? there was usually a icon to click on at the far left of the mini chat bar but when its working but there is no longer an icon for the chatbox there
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    i know you...

    please watch :) Henry Rollins & Nine Inch Nails - I know you - YouTube
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    if you had a superpower...

    what would it be? i already have one, not so impressive though i can make a whole group of people disappear just by walking up to them :p
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    no friends

    I don't and never had any in school or anything::(: I'm just wondering how many here have no friends or even never had any. how do you cope with it?
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    any irish gamers on here

    as the title is there any Irish gamers on here. I'm on xbox live if anyone want to play some games
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    meetup summer 2011

    If anyone is interested a few of us from Social Anxiety Disorder and Social Phobia Support and Free forum : Social Phobia Ireland - Portal are organising a meet up this summer. Let us know if anyone would go. Dublin seems to be where everyone agrees with Meetup summer 2011 Social Anxiety Forum
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    anyone around?

    just wondering is there any irish on the site. where have you gone to? have you being cured?::p:
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    hello just me again :)

    haven't posted on here for a while so i'd just like to say hello to everyone, if there's anyone who remembers me. and hello to all the new people too.... o and no unfortunately I have not come across the magic cure for this dam sa crap yet :mad: Hello anyways hope your all good!! :D
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    cool place!!

    i went to this place for young people 15-25 with mental health problems this week and its the nicest place i've ever being too the staff there are all young and understanding. They have a doctors, psychologists and support workers who meets you between appointments. I went to the doctor there...
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    "Don't Get Me Wrong"

    YouTube - "Don't Get Me Wrong"
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    no friends

    i'm 21 and i have never had a friend ever ::(: not one, its so depressingly lonely ::(: if i even had one or two good friends. I don't really know how to or what it means to have a friend. how many of you have never had any friends? and those of you who who have friends how did you make them...
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    conventions?? comic con, dragon con.... etc

    i'm wondering has anyone ever gone to a convention like comic con or dragon con? If so were you anxious being in a crowd and were you able to enjoy it? I have always wanted to go to one. :D
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    exam stress

    i have an applied maths exam tomorrow (thankfully i have just only 2 as i'm repeating) the nerves are kicking and i'm getting quite panicky i have a couple of things i still want to look over but i have being studying for 6 hours straight and i should try to relax before i go to sleep. hope i...
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    xbox live

    anyone on it? add me david47ire and let me your from here. I only got the xbox a couple of days ago Halo ODST is mainly what i played so far.:)