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    Do you choose to stay at home or go out?

    I'm a homebody. Not that I never venture out, it's just that I can find most things I enjoy right at home so for me, there's no real need.
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    Are you ever jealous of other people?

    No, but I sometimes find myself accused of being jealous when I react to being treated unfairly. The thing is, I think they know I'm not jealous but accusing me (making me the bad guy) is their way of justifying their actions.
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    What animal would you like to be?

    I like wolves so I'd like to be a wolf. But I know I'd end up being a lone wolf just like I am as a human.
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    Newish here

    Hi Keara. Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time but glad you chose SPW as a place to connect to someone who can help. I hope you find the support you need. I'll be listening.
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    How are you feeling?

    It's early Saturday (where I am) of a three day weekend. I'm feeling full of optimism and potential. Now let's see how many things I had planned will get done.
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    In my pants..

    The Beatles - We Can Work It Out in my pants.
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    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    I prefer the latter although I know exactly what you mean. Currently, I have my own office (for the first time in my career) and although it makes me feel isolated sometimes, I LOVE having my own space and the privacy. But I do have to sometimes get up and walk to the action if I hear people...
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    LOL! Well, you're probably better off without one. I kinda wish I'd never gotten one after holding out for a long time. I'm not sure but it looks like you may be able to install Zap on your computer. Here's the link I found:
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    The app I have is called Zap Surveys. They're legit although it can take a while to earn enough to transfer money to your account. You have to get up to $25 before you can make a transfer. I like them though. Makes me feel like I'm doing something productive with my time.
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    So Awkward, It's Funny. Share Your Stories.

    Just found out from another neighbor that the neighbor I've been calling Gary for the past two years and having friendly conversations with is actually named Ken. :rolleyes: I guess he was too polite to correct me.
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    I have an app on my phone where you can take surveys for money. I always figure as long as I can't sleep, I may as well take some surveys. Sure enough, after about 20 minutes of taking rather boring surveys at 1:00 in the morning, I suddenly can barely keep my eyes open.
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    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    Writing is my gateway to happiness. So glad I'm back at it. I don't know why I stayed away so long.
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    Post what you cannot say

    That sucks, SilentAndShy. I hate trying to help someone only to have them treat me as if they're doing me a favor by allowing me to try helping them. I hope things improve for you.
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    How are you feeling?

    I feel like if I can just make it to the weekend and recharge, I'll be good.
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    mildly guilty confessions thread.

    When I'm on the phone with a customer service rep and they ask if I'd like to take a short survey after we're done, I always say yes. But when the rep transfers me over to the survey, I hang up.
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    Social Anxiety Memes

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    Social Anxiety Memes

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    Social Anxiety Memes

    Hehe...I'm not heavy but I have the awkward part down pat. :)
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    Social Anxiety Memes

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    Social Anxiety Memes