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    Worst Chirstmas of my Life

    I'm really sad this year, you know why...not just because my Scottish mother passed away four months ago from the worst possible brain cancer but because my family is falling apart. All my father does is drink like an alcoholic with my brother living there on probation as well as drinking...
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    Feeling Overwhelmed with my Life

    This is selfish but I don't know how I feel right now because I'm going through a lot right now. Everyone in life has their own struggles but I haven't been reaching out to anyone in a very long time. I've been trying to listen to people's advice but I worry so much to the point I can't even...
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    My Scottish Mother Has a Tumor

    So I found out my mom who just turned 55 has a tumor in the middle part of her head. It sucks, because it was most likely from her smoking. I love her very much, she always had a way to make me feel better. The doctors said that the news isn't really good; so we don't know how long she might...
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    Depression, Trauma, Anxiety and Anger (Past)

    I'll start off with telling you all that I got PDD (Pervasive Development Disorder) Autism. Now I usually don't like telling the world because I'd prefer to keep it a secret...anyways I'm very high functional. However in my past you could kind of tell that I had it but I suppose throughout my...
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    Building Self Confidence

    To work at building your self confidence, you must be able to understand the aspects that effect you in your life first. Once you know where the areas you struggle and want to work on; only then you can be able to improve on yourself. Maybe a lot of you guys already know that but, I'm here to...