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  1. Generical

    Post your favourite music

    Yah..the one thread you'll find on every forum, you can go youtube stylio to erm, whatever...shame this forum doesn't seem to embed vids yet (or i just don't know how to) so links'll have to do. Not like it matters much im just bored and this thread'll probs be buried in 24, anyways current...
  2. Generical

    What strange/crazy stuff do you think of when daydreaming?

    One of the main things, which i've done ever since i was a kid is when there is a repetitive noise (or even music) around i imagine someone..umm, well..dancing? to it. I just realised i do it quite alot lol...kinda wierd. Either that or imagining people in strange situations, i could probably...
  3. Generical

    That music that takes you back to childhood

    Or if your still a child (at least mentally) a few years back. Soooo yet another music thread ;) anyways was listening to prodigy - 3 kilos and got that, shit! i remember this, listening to this song makes life worth living feeling and figured screw it i'll do what some other person did a while...
  4. Generical

    Ever get the urge to randomly punch people?

    Not sure where to put this, anyways sometimes when im talking to someone i just get random urges to punch or push over people. Or if im helping carry something, to just drop it and sometimes even kiss people (and not people i would want to kiss)....i obviously would never do it but just the fact...
  5. Generical

    Top banner

    8O Hey where did the cheesy thumbs up people go from the top banner!!! lol i miss their crazy fake smiles :lol:
  6. Generical

    Did you feel better before you new SA existed?

    Im kinda just thinking out loud here and will probably disagree with this in a few hours but i feel that after realising there is a name for this and that i have it, it kinda makes things worse in a way. I mean after reading symptoms and stuff ive suddenly noticed lots of my behaviors could be...