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  1. Luckylife

    Avoidance and relationships

    You say that people have these opinions of you but so much of this is your own supposition. Do you really have the right ideas about your friends? Aspergers syndrome is testable and so often they can find people threatening just because of a glance.
  2. Luckylife

    Obession with loneliness

    Dont think about being alone, work on the positive side of life. Take care of your appearance, stay fit and active. Go out running, cycling that stuff. I recommend running because after an 8 miler you can look out of the window and think how wonderful the world is.
  3. Luckylife

    Six reasons why many people with SA have trouble getting over it

    This social avoidance has a lot to do with personal health I think, in that personally I have very few if any health concerns. I do participate with active sports, even did wrestling a few years ago! But where some of the guys would be very slap-happy there was a limit to the bonding for me. I...
  4. Luckylife

    Amazing Dreams?

    Amazing out of body experience dream last night. I was in a desert and had control of a disk shaped craft that I moved around this desertscape for a while. I left this and stood in the desert, then aircraft of a futuristic design raced across the sky, passing across from horizon to horizon in...
  5. Luckylife

    Tips for Social Integration (or how a few Personal tricks can get you what you want)

    News Networks vs your friends How many of you are always knee deep in current affairs but find Social Networks a drag? Firstly, if you ever ask a serving AFP what is 'actually' happening in some far flung war zone they will always say the news reports give such a way out reportage of events...