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    drinking alone

    Do you guys ever drink alone at home? I sometimes do it. not because I like it so much, I would definitely prefer drinking with a friend but as I don`t have any friends, drinking alone is the only option, but then again the idea of drinking alone is quite embarassing.
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    Being Socially Underrepresented and SP

    How do you think these two things relate to each other? Can being a member of a socially underrepresented or unprivileged group lead to social phobia? I`m from a muslim populated country and I`ve been studying in the States for 5 years now. Most people here will avoid me when they find out that...
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    SP or not SP

    This is just my opinion, and I hope no one gets offended but sometimes it seems to me like most of the members of this forum are not suffering from sp but other minor social problems. Look at the threads and you will see lots of posts starting with "my girlfriend" or "my boy friend". It just...
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    SP and high expectations of family

    My parents don`t know about my sp and I don`t want them to find it out. They are the only people I can communicate with other than some of my other close relatives. They think that I have a social life, lots of friends and so on. The reality is I haven`t had even a single friend for 4 years now...
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    do you feel like a more "normal" person when you get alcohol? I can interact with people when I`m drunk. It makes me feel like I`m just like anyone out there.