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  1. jryden

    Driving Anxiety

    Anyone else deal with driving anxiety? I can't drive anymore (not as often). I rarely used the highway before but now I completely avoid them. I can only drive on side roads and even that is scary. I'm being yelled at by ppl in the car and they don't ****in get it. I have to avoid jobs that are...
  2. jryden

    Thank you for pointing out my flaws

    I had this Interview this morning with a staffing agency and me and the woman interviewing me could not have been anymore different. She was so loud, cheery and happy. Ughh annoying. Ok she was nice lol but she pointed out that I was very shy and wasn't showing my personality. She said I need to...
  3. jryden

    Worked as a cashier?

    Anyone here with SA who has worked as a cashier before? What was your experience? That's what I am doing right now and its really not that bad. I only get nervous when the line gets really long which will happen next week because thats when school starts (this is at a college bookstore). Also...
  4. jryden

    I have an 2 interviews tomorrow and i'm freaking out!!

    I have a phone interview and one in person. I'm freaking out about both!! :sad: The phone interview lady said to call to 'she can get to know me better' WORDS I NEVER WANT TO HEAR. The one in person is at a staffing agency so i'm assuming they want to know my needs for a job-what areas I want...
  5. jryden

    Call Center job

    Would it be crazy to go interview for a call center position even with SA? The lady reviewed my resume and said I was a good fit :thinking: WHY Idk. Nothing on my resume is customer service related. I've never even worked in an office. I am really not sure if they are low on applicants and just...
  6. jryden

    I'm so tired of life

    I'm trying so hard to make something of myself, but I'm failing just like I do at everything. I don't drive often because I get too anxious on the road. I had a panic attack yesterday driving through a neighborhood. I was holding back tears (not for any particular reason) and driving too slow...
  7. jryden

    Got a job Interview

    but I am not going to go. My phone rings, I don't recognize the number but I assume its one of the many companies I have been applying to. I ignore it as usual. Figured they'd leave a mssg and they did. She says to call her back to schedule an interview. First, I am excited. My first real...
  8. jryden

    I hate to sound negative although it's in my nature

    but I'm almost 100% sure I will walk off any job that I get. I'm still looking for a job and I'm forcing myself to send out my resume to anything that sounds like something I can do. Although that follows with me convincing myself that I can't do it. Just reading job descriptions can give me...
  9. jryden

    Not receiving eye contact

    As much as I hate eye contact for a long period of time, I get offended when I am not given any! :( I went to a business meeting last night and the guy giving the presentation would not look at me. I know them on a personal level so they know my personality. But even with that, they encourage...
  10. jryden

    Performance Anxiety

    I was going to write this in my own words but this post on another site has everything I wanted to say. Do any of you have this problem at work? Maybe when you were being trained. I am so so scared of being trained. I come off as being stupid. But its so hard to think when someone is watching...
  11. jryden

    Why are we forced to live

    when we didn't choose to be born? I don't belong. wahh ::(:
  12. jryden

    Found the perfect job!

    A library assistant position paying $15/hr. Its only 4 hours a day though :( Ok I havent applied yet but this is so perfect. There are some things they'd need to teach me so I hope they are willing and not feel like its a burden to them. I am speaking like I already got the job :D so wish me...
  13. jryden

    Speech at a wedding?

    What would you do if a sibling, friend, or relative asked you to give a speech at their wedding? (If you're afraid of giving speeches which i assume is most or all the people on here)
  14. jryden

    Scared to work with the opposite gender

    I am scared to have a job working with anyone period but its more scary to me working with males. I dont want a male boss, male coworkers who I have to deal with often. There might be a deeper issue behind it but idk what it is. I am not close to my dad. We 'talk' 4-5 times a yr. I have a...
  15. jryden

    Sadness in my eyes

    I'm starting to think that I look sad all the time even when I smile. There's something in my eyes that just looks sad and dead. I wonder if you can look in someones eyes and tell that they are sad. I dont mean like a one time thing. Anyone could be having a bad day but looking sad all the...
  16. jryden

    Selective mutism

    Like I said in my other post about finding out about SA this yr, I've also beed reading on here about selective mutism. I was too lazy to research it but I did and thats another thing I'm now discovering about myself. I rarely say anything beyond Y/N or a very short answer. I have a lot to say...
  17. jryden

    When did you find out about SA?

    I found out that there's an actual name for how I am just this yr. So for yearssssss, I thought I was just shy. Ughh, I wish I knew about this pre-High school. I could have asked for help (probably not lol) or atleast be concious of the problem I have and work around it.
  18. jryden

    Deeper issues behind

    Do you ever get angry over the smallest/dumb things that dont even matter and you start crying/get depressed you realize there are deeper issues behind it? Ok I'm sure your answer is duuhhrr. I get angry very easily and my mom/sister jump to saying I have issues-anger problems but they dont...
  19. jryden

    Is it weird that I have no hobbies?

    There are a few things i am interested in but my lack of talent in them drives me away from doing them. I've been asked what are my hobbies before and now I've learned to make things up but I remember this one time my moms friend asked me and i said nothing. She kept repeating the question...
  20. jryden

    I really want to start a business with someone

    I would start it with my sister but she has a worker rather than an entrepreneur mentality. I am still looking for a job so If I find a good one, I'll take it for now just to get experience. I am looking for a female (b/c of the specific type of business i am considering right now) between...