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    Some lovely words of advice from my mum's boyfriend.

    boyfriend. Apparently people like me wont go far in life, because without social skills you're screwed. He says I don't know how to converse with others, which are survival skills::(: I went on to tell him that at least I could spell, and I was academic. Then he went nuts, saying that he was...
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    I think I've met

    that special someone:) It's very early days, but I have a good feeling about this. He popped out of nowhere (I recently became a Christian and joined a Christian dating site)... I have been praying for that special someone too. We talked for the first time properly all day into the early hours...
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    I feel sick to my stomach

    So I was looking for something in a box upstairs and came across a silver notebook... It was my mum's diary from 8 yrs ago. I was curious so I read it... only to learn that her boyfriend whom she is still with, punched her in the mouth and iin her words " raining blows at my head and arms". I...
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    How old do I look?

    ..... ..................................
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    Becoming nocturnal?

    At night time, I feel much more energetic, happier and I feel more motivated to do things. I also find that I sleep better during the day. So I was thinking of becoming nocturnal. Is anyone here nocturnal, and can give advice about how to transition? Thanks:)
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    Can anyone help with physics assignment?

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    I think I hit a raw nerve...

    Today, my mother again made another comment about my outfit. 'The woman at the shop beside us was looking at the holes in your dress!'. Said woman was in a wheelchair so I doubt she was making fun. Then I just told her, you know what that tshirt makes you look fat. It makes you look like a...
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    Am I overreacting?

    So today was my mother's day off of work. She told me this morning that we could spend some time together baking etc. Well, she went out with her boyfriend and I baked by myself. She has done this many times before and it makes me feel second-best. A few times she has gone to the pub with her bf...
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    "You chose to be like this".

    What my mother just said... I chose not to get better and I chose to be like this:mad: FEAR CHOOSES ME
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    SA Documentary

    Has anyone seen this? Video about Social Phobia Video by Mark the Lyricist?? - Myspace Video
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    Story of my life

    No friends Not had a ‘friend’ in 7 years Cant leave the house without my mother Never had a job Look 12 years old Can’t drive Have no social life Never had a bf Can’t buy something/walk into a shop by myself Still nowhere near my...
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    I'm so ****ing pathetic.

    I really am. I'm nearly 20 and I can't even go see the doctor by myself or sit in the waiting room or make an appointment. The receptionist called my name in front of everyone because I needed an emergency prescription, then I had to talk to her at the desk in front of everyone. When she asked...
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    Where do you see yoursellf five years from now?

    As for me, I honestly don't know. Although, it's not looking very promising:mad:
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    Feel like giving up :(

    I've always wanted nothing more than to get married and have a loving husband and kids. The reality is, even though I'm still only 19, it will probably never happen. I can't even work, or leave the house by myself. I feel like a helpless child and the only friend I have is my dog.::(: I hoped...
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    How do you hold down a job with severe SA?

    I really need to get a job soon, because I've been on disability benefits since I was 16 and I'm 19 now. Just wondering, how do you cope with work and what type of work do you do?
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    Advice :(

    I changed my first name legally about 3 months ago, and my mum is being really difficult and awkward about it. The reason I changed it was because my old name was really difficult to pronounce/spell and I felt even more like an outsider with severe SA too. It's just got a lot of negative...
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    Since i wear the same clothes everyday for weeks on end my mum has started to get mad and just had a go at me. I dont leave the house so i just wear the same clothes that i feel comfortable in. I wont wear anything else. She went to get me an outfit today with my money and said if i didnt like...
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    How do people cope with work when suffering with SA

    I am thinking of starting full time work as a support worker next year around May. This would be my first "real" job and i have my doubts. How do you cope with working and suffering from SA? Also, what kind of job do you have? I choose this job because i will be looking after people with...