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  1. FriendlyShadow

    Im gonna die soon.

    There's no hope for me anymore. I'm literally breaking apart as I write this. I doubt I'm gonna make it. I'm trapped with my parents forever and my anxiety has gotten worse and worse due to my Mom's night terrors at night which she can't get help for. No one knows how the terror I'm living...
  2. FriendlyShadow

    Can herbal tea cauae vivid dreams?

    For the past month I believe, my sleep cycle has been kinda inconsistent lately. So, I tried drinking herbal tea as an aid to help me fall asleep faster. Well... I don't know if it's the tea, but I've noticed that the first few times I drank it, I was having these extremely grotesque dreams...
  3. FriendlyShadow

    Is there anyone in you family you can't get along with?

    I feel like I can't connect with anyone in my family... it's sad.
  4. FriendlyShadow

    Any good online counselors I can call?

    I can't wait much longer. 😣 Are there any professional online counselors I can speak to who have experience with emotional trauma/ptsd? Please???
  5. FriendlyShadow

    A message to everyone...

    I never realize how severe my anxiety was until now. So far, it's affected my sleep, appetite, and well being. I believe my anxiety was caused by a number of things (which you already can guess by now) and now I think it's finally caught up to me after all these years. Dealing with insomnia...
  6. FriendlyShadow

    Expressions you get tired of hearing

    1. That's life.:rolleyes: 2. Blood runs thicker than water 3. Love conquers all 4. Look at the positives(can get annoying sometimes) 5. I'll wait forever for you. (Sounds like a bit of a stretch.)
  7. FriendlyShadow

    Frequent nightmares 😫

    Recently, I've been terrified about going to sleep because I know I'm bound to have a nightmare. My dreams, for the most part, are usually about me drowning, getting surgery, being chased, my teeth/hair falling out, snakes, being suffocated in a plastic bag, turning a light switch on and...
  8. FriendlyShadow

    Post a song that describes how you feel right now.
  9. FriendlyShadow

    Have you ever been guilt tripped?

    Today, I was texting someone on the phone and, apparently, it led to a horrible miscommunication. I told him I was worried about someone in my family who has extreme night terrors and he told me life goes on.(terrible advice to give in this situation!) Also he kept accusing me of not trusting...
  10. FriendlyShadow

    Eating Disorders?

    My diet is pretty unbalanced sometimes. One day I'll want to eat, next day I feel like skipping breakfast/lunch. As far as food cravings go, I usually indulge myself with potato chips, fruit, or chocolates. The urge to eat is strong in me. Sometimes I overdo it. It's like a drug.
  11. FriendlyShadow

    Should guns be banned ?

    I think a lot of us know gun shooting is on the rise now. Do you think we'd be better off without them?
  12. FriendlyShadow

    Do single people really have it harder? There seems to be a lot of mixed opinions about whether or not being single is hard for people. Then again, I've heard of some people who've stayed single their whole lives without ever dating, getting...
  13. FriendlyShadow

    What do you think of age gap relationships?

    Let's say if a 20 year old dates a guy/girl whose probably 45, would it be creepy to you? Also what if that person already has kids but is single?
  14. FriendlyShadow

    My depressions getting bad again...

    Can anyone please write to me any depression/sucide online chat rooms I can go to. I'm sick of living like this.:cry:
  15. FriendlyShadow

    Are there any lesbian/gay forums that are free?

    Some of the websites I've gone (gay, ect) are scams which is kinda annoying. Are there any others where I don't have to pay for anything?
  16. FriendlyShadow

    Any insomniacs here?

    Most of the time I can sleep fine, but sometimes I'll go to bed and my anxiety will suddenly take over. I try to do deep breathing and not turn around too much when I'm laying down. Has anyone gone days without much/no sleep.
  17. FriendlyShadow

    What's your relationship with your family like?

    I can say that mine isn't so great. There's always double standards, put downs, and hostility going on in my family. Sometimes it's a lot to take.
  18. FriendlyShadow

    Do you still live at home?

    With parents? If so, how old? Are there reasons? Does it depress you? Are you currently still looking for jobs, friends, ect?
  19. FriendlyShadow

    How would you rate your stress?

    Mine: 6/10