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    Anyone Also Go through This?

    So to start off i am a good looking tall man, and so naturally people tend to think i will be naturally confident,cocky and outgoing so i always feel this pressure to be that when i'm in social situations so i put on an act (which is really mentally draining to pull off) that everything is good...
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    Being tall Doesn't help!!!!

    Any tall or big guys here that know what i'm talking about? Being tall or the biggest doesnt help with our social phobia as everywhere we go we know we are being looked at and we can feel the attention on us. i know this because when there is someone bigger or taller than me ( which is rare) i...
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    High School Reunion Anybody?

    Just finished watching american pie: reunion and i feel as if i will be in the same position when my high school reunion comes up. did anyone here go to their runion or is planning on going? after watching that movie i feel like i missed out on a lot and am thinking of not going because i dont...
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    Is it JUST Me!!!!

    is it just me or does this feel like there is something that is nagging you to change this year?
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    How Do you cope with this?

    i'm currently 21 and scared to grow up as its hard to "
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    Anyone Behind in College/University?

    I'm currently in my second year of college second semester and didnt qualify to write for seven of my subjects so far, to qualify to write an exam one has to have 50% pass mark on their Continuous assessment mark(assignments and tests) but i havent qualified because i have been avoidant going to...
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    Extremely Awkward Family Moment!!.......Worst day of my life!!!!

    t jkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkdifferrent with d
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    Hate these situations!!!

    anyone here hate it when a friend of ur parents
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    Parents just dont understand

    i always am home my parents keep telling me
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    It's the quiet ones you need to lookout for

    Ireally hate this statement because its like only quiet people r bad
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    Upbeat Family...except me

    i feel soo much pressure to live up to the expectations of my familty
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    does any1 feel guilty that they have been provided with good opportunities,a good family,and neighborhood but it is as if bcause of SA you cant make the most of it? it would be soo much easier if my parents didnt care about me soo that i can justify not talking to them.its soo hard when you know...
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    College/university tough

    im currently only studying at a university because my parents want me to.there are only 3 uni's in my country.two are huge so i chose the third one which is very small with less people but is still packed .i feel no motivation to study and am lagging behind.each semester i fail at least 1...
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    cant stop thinking about the day i die

    i reeally cant wait,the reason we feel all this pain is because we are stuck in an organic body with a certain range of emotions that come with being in a body but when you die you are no longer bound and are free .i cant wait for this feeling,its apparantly like you everything yet still hold...
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    Do your Parents look at you with irritability or disappointment?

    am tired of this ,my parents always look at me like im a disgrace to them.theyve also been treating me like im retarded or something because i apparantly dont listen to them when they say i should finish my degree which i am doing .
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    Postponing starting My second year of university

    during the holidays i have gotten very fat and my skin looks reeeaaaally unhealthy which is making me feel scared to go to university and start my second year.i am a big guy in a small university which makes it even dad is one of the heads of the university i go to and he is pressuring...
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    Having Trouble being an uncle or aunt

    Social anxiety ruins everything.i am so self c
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    dont even feel comfortable in my own home

    my parents know alot of people in my neighborhoodalking alone.
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    Hate My Small Country

    In my country the population is about 1.8 going
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    Feeling like you Stand Out

    Do any of feel worthless yet feel like you stand out everywhere? i am a big guy first of,and secondly my college is very small yet packed with students.classromms are cramped and there is no space so beng one of the biggest guys i know people are watching me and expecting me to act a certain...