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    Do you care of your physical appearance?

    Hola, People use to have the impression that avoidants are sloopy people, careless of their higiene. My last psychologist put the stress on the importance of taking care of the image we project other people. It's not for narcissist reason but bc we have a part of our self-steem which is fed...
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    Your childhood

    Yesterday, I was talking with a friend (an avoidant) about childhood. Her childhood, on the contrary to mine, was horrible. She knew soon what being an outsider meant. It's sad. Children shouldn't suffer for anything. I, on the contrary, was a normie. Yes, I can say that there was a part of...
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    If there would be an armagedonn...

    It's only a kidding thread, but it could be good to rant a bit. If there would be an Armagedonn, who would you save? Bruce Willes doesn't count for obvious reasons, he is the one who has to make the sacrified and I have heard that he is a Psychopath. Discuss! :)
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    Have you been diagnosed?

    Avoidants use to avoid looking for help and seek any kind of therapy or going to the psychiatrists bc they find very hard to trust someone enough to open them up to another person and tell about the most prívate stuff. I went to a therapist for the first time when I was in a desperate...
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    Why am I the only one who post in the AvPD forum?

    Have the avoidants an antiposting symdrom?:thinking: Come on, it's not so difficult to write a pile of nonsenses like me. Ask about your worries, your sufferings, your fears, your suscess, your failures, your wishes... Rant if you need it.
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    If you weren't an avoidant or social phobic ...

    Hey, guys!! I was wondering how much I would like to be a proffessional músician. Thing I neither can dream bc of my avoidance. The single idea of perform something in front of people sounds like impossible for me. With time and experience, I learnt to sing and dance and make any kind of role...
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    What makes you forget that you're a avie?

    What makes you forget that you're an avie There are few moments when I don't feel an avie. So, I try to live them with intensity. I really don't feel an avie when I'm singing a song that touches my heart, when a kid of mine gives me a hug or jokes with me and when people are sensitive enough to...
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    Abandonment issues

    I'm embarrassed to begin a new thread. Some days ago, I was called an attention seeker. But, I know the user who said this was a bit angry with me and doesn't know me at all. I had lost my best friend due to abandonment issues. He is also an avoidant but has this problem as well that has to be...
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    This is, without any doubt, the topic I'm moré concern in now. I want to talk with you about friendship. It's not that I have many knowledge in the topic, on the contrary, I'm looking for your thoughts. The thing is that in a few months I have lost three friends for several reasons. I had to...
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    Dog therapy

    I'd like to honour these little hairy balls with this thread and mainly, I'd like to encourage you to put a dog in your life. My heart breaks each time I have a new about a dog that is abandomed or mistreated. For example, some days ago, in my own city, a doggie was put into a rubbish...
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    Proposals for the new year

    Let's see: • stop smoking • loose weight • being moré sociable • being moré constant in my French lessons • remember all these points in 2016 list. Lol! I'm remember when I use to write this kind of lists, i put the list in an apple and then, I buried the apple. No, it was a moré serious list...
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    Embarrassing situations.

    I don't care about Christmas but any way, I wish you all be happier from now. This is one of my favourite tópics. I like to smile, even of the Avoidance, so I wanted to encourage you to tell a sticking, uncomfortable, embarrassing situation you lived but that you can see now with a bit of...
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    Your expectations

    Cure or acceptation I'm thinking in both, the one who has social anxiety or the avoidants. From what I know, they are problems difficult to overcome. Ok, social anxiety has a better prognoxis than AvPD. Then, we also have that avoidants who develop social anxiety, that it's my own case...
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    Random thoughts

    Well, at this moment I'm thinking about how much I hate Chritmas. A grandpa and two grannies passed away in this calebrations. My mood is very low in this period of the year.
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    Feeling that you lost time

    I'm 42 years old. Lately, I have a strong feeling of sadness. I'm thinking about how much time I lost in the past because of my disorder. I self-isolated myself for 7 years when I was 17. I had lots of inferiority and physical complexes. I came back life at 24 when I began to work as a...
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    Jelousy people

    Let's see what's your opinión? When you really love someone, you are happy if she can share with other people. Even moré, when you know that she has AvPD. You should feel happy if she finds people who she can share with about her problems, about life. I feel stuck. I feel trapped. I thought...
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    Friendship between a man & a woman

    I always found very difficult to have relations with members of the oppossite sex. I had a father who never helped me in the understanding of males. Now, with age, I had the opportunity to have male friends but they all cross the line. When I need a friendship, they had another agenda. I'm...
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    Social skills. Boo!

    I know we are not a brunch virtues in the social field but I think it would be worthy to mention what are these skills that you have learnt or have developed in a natural way and that help you in your social interactions. I'm good as hell listening to people, looking at them in the eyes and...
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    Social skills

    I know we are not a brunch virtues in the social field but I think it would be worthy to mentioned what are these skills that you have learnt or have developed in a natural way and that help you in your social interactions. I'm good as hell listening to people, looking at them in the eyes and...
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    What are you all doing just now?

    I'm having another boring evening in front of the TV. I'm about to have dinner and then, go to sleep. I guess you are not parting. You are avoidants. Do you remember? Lol!