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    Just curious FAV quotes?

    Hey was just trying to do a more light hearted type of thread well at least more light hearted to me cough cough no pun intended, so Ill list a few of mine that have stood out to me over the years. 1) the only necessary triumph for evil is for good men to do nothing. ????? 2) Let every nation...
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    In a internet based world

    My question is in a mainly internet smart phone social media lifestyle we have, should our words we say or type have more consequences be them good or bad? I mean I'm almost 30 and I still remember at about 7 years old saying something rather foolish to the wrong person and instantly regretting...
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    Open to all comments/ thoughts and what not.

    So I wanted to kind of tell people about a revelation or whatever you want to call it that I had. Well the last few years probably 3 to 4 years have really been the worst years of my life. A lot of dumb decisions were made on my part and in turn a lot of dumb decisions were made on other...
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    WW3? On the brink?

    So id like to open up a forum for the discussion about Vladimir Putin, our relations with Russia, the chances of US and Russian forces engaging each other in Syria and surrounding areas. Basically any comments or thoughts about the current rising tensions with the Russian federation. And will...
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    Question???? Open for discussion.

    So this is open to comments by anyone. I'm curious what is preferable boxers or briefs or does it really not matter?
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    Is it normal/ok?

    So I am finally going to ask the question, is it a normal thing or an okay thing, that I want or enjoy being spanked and dominated by women? I have mentioned to a few girlffriends I've had and for the most part I'm either dismissed or am not taken very seriously. I don't know I guess I find it...