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  1. lily

    lack of any intimacy

    Thanks Fountain for the comfort 'like'. it's important for me too just like i comfort others in their trouble, some people don't think that words are important to me too, or care. how is that guy going to help you? it's the women who r supposed to be helpful to you Bronson99. i know what kind of...
  2. lily

    How are you feeling?

  3. lily


    do you think they have a map at the information desk when you go there?
  4. lily

    How are you feeling?

    I'm so bored on this forum, i don't know what else to do here but I'm glad i get to write this.
  5. lily

    lack of any intimacy

    oh don't worry, you're not the only 1! What do you mean you know it's your fault?
  6. lily

    lack of any intimacy

    i just would like more outstanding testimonies in my life and to keep having faith that he's going to bring me a guy that i really like.
  7. lily

    lack of any intimacy

    Ok let's just comfort each other then.. I'm a Christian and can only be with other Christians, there's a scripture that says in the bible, 'Do not be yoked w/ unbelievers for what does light have to do w/ darkness'! So there i have another limitation! i believe in Christ bc of things that have...
  8. lily

    lack of any intimacy

    lifesnotfair, i understand that perhaps you don't have the money to move to other places like a city like what MollyBeGood suggested and i feel for you. i want a partner too but the circumstances just aren't right
  9. lily

    Post your favourite music

    Another beautiful christmas song i have to put up again
  10. lily

    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    I wonder where everyone went..
  11. lily

    What do you do?

    I didn't go to the evening group this Tuesday bc i had other things i had to do.
  12. lily

    What did you do today?

    Today i went to a natural health food store and then i went to eat at a wonderful restaurant.
  13. lily

    The "Last Thing You Bought" game.

    that's very nice of you :) i got a new purse this year, it's purple and has a nice design and a new wallet.
  14. lily

    How many of you drink alcohol?

    but i understand if it allows you to feel better and that's why you drink it though it's not healthy.
  15. lily

    Freaking out about WellButrin effect

    To help with withdrawing from a drug I got a book that teaches you how. You can use the 10% reduction method and i think it will be fine since you've only been on it for three weeks. Otherwise you can try a 5% reduction method. So let's say you're taking 20 mg then you would take 10 for 1 week...
  16. lily

    How are you feeling?

    feeling lonely on this forum. :( hope i'd not be so bored at this time.
  17. lily

    How are you feeling?

    you probably know by now what i'd say. it's to gargle w/ salt. it really helps. i've had them before. yep
  18. lily

    lack of any intimacy

    LOL! funny joke. r you sure no sites work?
  19. lily

    Post your favourite music

    this is a nice, cozy christmas song so I'm going to put it up here again