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  1. bitingthepea

    Setting up a business

    Ive tried to set up my own business because the pressure of working with peeople 5 days a week is just a huge off put i can't do it again it made me very anxious. Anyway, i dont think that setting up my own business will help to make enough money to get my own house etc :( I feel like at the...
  2. bitingthepea

    Arghh fall out with bf, calm me down please:)

    Heres the short version, i've fallen out with my boyfriend because i got home from work and was upset about my friends wedding as my bf said no way is he coming to the wedding which means me having to go ALONE???! In a way i was mad at him but understand as he's not the most social thing...
  3. bitingthepea

    wedding/social anxiety advice please!!

    Its my friends wedding in 2 weeks.....and i dont know any of her friends/family etc Anyway to start with she only invited me to the day thing, then i explained id be so uncomfortable im only coming to the wedding not any meals etc She said my bf can come but he says no way is he coming to the...
  4. bitingthepea

    Need a new job but SP stops me

    My job now is good socially as i work in a busy cafe and there's not too much time for talking. Also 3 of us have social anxieties which makes me feel sooo much better as all my others jobs i've been surrounded with confident/bitchy people who don't understand and i get fed up with "your quiet"...
  5. bitingthepea

    Cant make convo's last long!

    I frustrate myself because i can't really make conversations last long!, probably because i don't say enough but i've been studying people having conversations (geeky i no lol) and why can they have a great laugh/talk and i cant!! Maybe because im not comfortable with myself and my anxiety is...
  6. bitingthepea

    Anyone that takes 2mg diazapem ?

    Iv been given 2mg diazapem for my flight to America in 2 weeks aaah. Im so scared just at the thought it drives me insane! Im such a potential suspect as the airport as my nerves are anyhow. I normally panic, then cry, see the areoplane and start giggling my socks off next thing im in serious...
  7. bitingthepea

    Anyone else have a partner that is reserved and has SP

    Okay i have a touch of social phobia and i like it when im with confident people because it makes me feel a bit more positive. My bf isn't the most social of people hes a bit negative really (and belive me i tell him off when he's negative for no reason) anyway his avoidance of social situations...
  8. bitingthepea

    Fear of being alone

    Hi, i just wondered if anyone else has a fear of being alone. I'm fine if i have people with me but if im alone in the house ill start thinking that something bad is gona happen to me or i'll think my eyes are going funny. Same if im out walking ill think im going get dizzy but if im with a...
  9. bitingthepea

    Hypochrondia drivin me nuts

    Okay, so im eventually overcoming anxiety. My panic attacks seem to have evaporated a little but every single day i'm worrying about my health and i keep self diagnosing myself with these awful conditions. It's quite funny but at the same time it's not! The other week i was at the doctors...
  10. bitingthepea

    Is anyone in a relationship BUT has intimacy issues??

    Hey, I hope im not the only one, but... im in a relationship but i hate intimacy ! lol I'm kinda conifdent with myself how i look etc but wen it comes to being intimate id rather not :S Does anyone else have this weird intimacy phobia going on?
  11. bitingthepea

    Social Phobia and jobs

    Hi, I just wondered anyone out there find it hard having SP and a job?! Iv had a few jobs now and left a few because of my sp being that bad i wouldn't talk to anyone and would really clam up. I must say i work better with lads, at the minute i work in a nursery with girls and i just cant do...
  12. bitingthepea

    anyone struggle with there job due to social phobia?

    i started my first full time job a few months ago, and dont get how people can talk so much. I feel rather left out! Does anyone else feel the same way? I work with 2 women and they have bags of confidence (too much if u ask me) and joke with eachother about stupid stuff, it feels so painful to...
  13. bitingthepea

    Do u feel like you don't know how to have fun ??

    I feel like my friends no how to have a good time when they are in a social situation. me on the other hand would rather not be there ! but i wish i knew what to say and how to have a laugh Does anyone else feel the same ??
  14. bitingthepea

    Does the news and sad stories panic you ?

    I've noticed when i see the news and something terrible comes on i instantly think im having breathing problems (not a panic attack, cus boy i know what they are like ) or if i read a sad story say about someone getting cancer ill focus on my breathing and then for some reason think i'm gona...
  15. bitingthepea

    what physical symptons of anxiety do you get ?

    I hate anxiety and all of its symptoms ! Anyone else focus there awerness on their body n physical sensations? for example since my 1st panic i concentrate on my chest and imagine its tight, so then i actually think its tight causin me to panic. its so hard to distract thoughts. would love to...
  16. bitingthepea

    Are you always at the doctors ?

    I sure seem to be these days - may aswell live there. If it's not one thing its another im just wondering wether half of it's linked to anxiety. I went to the doctors with a lump in my throat convinced there was a bit of pasta stuck but apprently its called Globus ? An anxiety feeling of a lump...
  17. bitingthepea

    My 3rd job in 3 years im leaving because of SP !!!

    Please tell me theres others out there like me. I feel that uncomforatble at my work socialising i have to quit because the embarsssment is that much. If it wasn't for my sp id still be at my first job. im determined to keep on going and find a job ill stick out
  18. bitingthepea

    anyone have dietary requirements?

    Im veggie, wheat/dairy intolerent so its a good excuse to avoid meals out socially :D but on the other hand its a bugger to eat out.
  19. bitingthepea

    You feel like your ignored becuase of SP ?

    Especially at work i feel like people purposely avoid me to dodge the awkwardness. Ever get those days when you think no one likes you ?
  20. bitingthepea

    How awkward is being at work for you socially?

    I feel like im the only one but im sure im not. I jus cannot for the life of me socialse at my work, and its stressful ! I stand there like a lemon infront of the others and have no clue what to say. They say im reserved and quiet but i can't help it, grrrr anyone else in the same boat as me :)