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  1. Invisibleman

    Post what you cannot say

    Why dont you want me around? We've been friends for so long,weve talked about things we would never dare say to other human beings,weve had some of the best memories together. I dont know what I did to you::(: Come back man.
  2. Invisibleman

    Just something I think is worth sharing.

    I came across this video a few days ago and I just thought it was a really interesting video, I feel slightly better after watching it. This guy (Stephan Erdman ,who also gives good dating advice on youtube) said that 3 more videos after this one are coming soon. I think you should check it...
  3. Invisibleman

    Post what you cannot say

    Well theres nothing I want to say to anybody in particular,but I know that "I love you" and "I need help" are probably the two phrases that ive uttered maybe a few times in my life.