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  1. JohnnAY

    Give the worst possible description of a movie!

    Okay, so I got this game from another forum. You basically describe the movie in the worst, most obscure way, and everyone else try to guess it. I'll go first! Man falls asleep three times so he can see his kids in America.
  2. JohnnAY

    Need your opinions

    So I've recently come across a dilemma: A father of a trusted friend is a well known artist in Beijing. He has offered me room and board if I wanted to come study under his tutelage. This undertaking will last around two years. I don't have the financial means for a four year art institute here...
  3. JohnnAY

    Quick rant

    UGH, this is getting REEAL old. Why can't I just go about my day like a normal functioning adult! I just want to do normal things like go to the library and study without turning into goddamn garden sprinkler! Today there was a really attractive girl behind the counter at Subway. I was...
  4. JohnnAY

    Has anyone ever tried meditation?

    Hi, recently I've been really thinking about getting into meditation but I don't the first thing about it. I've only ever attempted it once on my own in a park. For some reason whenever I close my eyes out in the open, I keep thinking somethings' trying to sneak up on me, like a lion, or ninjas...