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  1. jhanniffy


    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this but anyways... Hey, I was wondering if there was anyone on here in a nursing career or in college doing nursing that has SA that would be willing to talk with me. I really want to but am finding it hard to stay positive about still going for...
  2. jhanniffy

    Cant even talk with those I trust

    I can’t physically talk to anyone about my problems. I got by in school with my best friend as I used to Wright her notes and text her and I wouldn't have to talk face to face or over the phone. Though I trust her 100% I still can’t. She came over yesterday and I planned to get some advice from...
  3. jhanniffy

    Am I being paranoid?

    So for me it is really hard to met people, make friends, get close to someone, let them in, trust. At the moment I am almost finished a one year course and have had a nice small groups of friends while doing it. Over the last month I have been noticing one of the girls is trying to get closer...
  4. jhanniffy

    Where are my words???

    So I went for an interview this afternoon, I'm telling you there is some virus in my head that just eats all my words and I just cant answers questions. I don't know why I put myself through it as I know this always happens. Simple questions I had prepared for. Everything floods back when I've...
  5. jhanniffy


    I thought I would say hi. I'm janette, 19 and painfully trying to work on my future. I only found out there was such thing as sa over two weeks ago. I am really looking forward to talking to people from Ireland on here, as well as everybody else.:)