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  1. Pink_Paula

    Break ups!

    If the person you're with says they need time to think do you think it's worth waiting for them to make a decision? My bf said that to me yesterday but i'm not sure if i can be bothered to wait! I know that sounds heartless but i've been messed around in the past and i just don't want to be left...
  2. Pink_Paula

    Feel so low

    I feel so low right now, to the people i'm talking to i seem ok, but inside i've had enough, enough of trying to please people and pretending to be the happy person i think they want me to be, i'm just feeling down right now so ignore me ::o:
  3. Pink_Paula

    Weird crushes!

    Do you have a crush on someone that others might see as odd? Also it should say weird...not weid lol here's a few of mine, Mark Ronson Pete Doherty Graham Coxon...i had a crush on him years ago but it still counts ::p: That's all i'm willing to admit to lol
  4. Pink_Paula

    Happy Easter

    From me and my Bunnies, have a good one :D
  5. Pink_Paula

    Happy Birthday Aimee.

    Happy 18th hun, i hope you have a brilliant day :D
  6. Pink_Paula

    Can you block mods?

    You can block other members, i was just wondering if you can block mods as well, or is that impossible because they are super human ::p:
  7. Pink_Paula

    Whats the last thing you said out loud?

    What's the last thing you said? for me it was "I'll talk to you later" Anyone have anything more exciting than that? lol
  8. Pink_Paula


    my crisis worker has decided i need to go into a "safe" place so that i don't hurt myself, it's like a hostel/crisis centre for women. but i'm terrified, they want me to go tomorrow and i really don't want to go, being around people 24/7 being watched over isn't my idea of fun! I don't know what...
  9. Pink_Paula


    I just want to say goodbye to all the amazing people i have met on here! Things have happened in my life recently that have proved to me what a waste of space i am, so i'm going to do something about it! Take care guys and i wish you all the best luck with your futures!