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  1. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    Chatbox get-together

    Tomorrow, at about 10pm Central time. Link to chatbox. Link to time zone converter. Scheduled topics of discussion include: 1. Ice cream. 2. Whether free will can truly exist in an apparently deterministic universe and the relevance of quantum functions and Heisenberg's uncertainty...
  2. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    Thanks Giving (marginally related to Thanksgiving)

    Okay, 'tis the season to be thankful. And crap. Numerous studies have shown that being grateful/thankful for what you have sets off chemical changes in your brain that improve your happiness. I was reminded of this at Walmart today by this ridiculously happy woman saying what a fantastic day...
  3. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    Random pictures from your life

    Leaves have finally started falling from the trees in earnest. This one's an unusually large hackberry. Still waiting for the first freeze.
  4. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    Not horny.

    Just a regular toad this time. I haven't figured out what species he is yet. [/URL] I found him while working on a deck. And since I'm posting pics, here's an armadillo who came to drink water from a leaking trough.
  5. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    SPW Valentine's 2014

    What, nobody started a thread this year? Allow me!
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    toad. Phrynosoma cornutum. I found him while piling and burning brush today. Good specimen; well colored. He kept trying to escape me by hiding under the thorny brush, which was on fire at the time. Made catching him a bit tricky. He calmed down once I had him in hand, and didn't squirt blood at...
  7. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    I just changed the litter in the chatbox!

    It smells like pine now. :thumbup: chatterbox
  8. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    Feeling broken and scared

    ...and doing it anyway. Bob Burnquist's Dreamland on Wheelchair Bob Burnquist's "Dreamland" - Wheelz - YouTube
  9. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    Brain Structure & Child Abuse

    Specific changes in brain structure after different forms of child abuse "Similarly, victims of emotional mistreatment were found to have a reduction of the thickness of the cerebral cortex in specific areas associated with self-awareness, self-evaluation and emotional regulation." This...
  10. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    Dawkins Scale (theist-atheist)

    This latest religion/spirituality thread got me thinking. It has seemed to me for some time that the population on this forum leans towards the higher numbers on the Dawkins scale. I would like to see some actual data, and see if I am correct in this. I don't plan on arguing with anyone, or...
  11. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    Duck challenge.

    There are a mated pair of ring-necked ducks that have taken up residence in my pond. I believe they already have a nest, though I don't dare disturb it. Ducklings are likely on the way. The problem is, they're quite wild, and I can't get close to them. These are the best I could get, at...
  12. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    The Unwritten Rules of Society

    Do you know what they are? Do you obey them? Do you agree with them? Do you understand them? I just spent a little time researching this while I'm waiting for the dryer to buzz. I found a number of lists, many of which had rules I thought were just silly and likely made up on the spot. This...
  13. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    Do you judge women based on how they're dressed?

    You may have seen this photo before around the interwebs: It's from a girl's tumblr about judgements. rosea posey I'd thought about posting this earlier to get input from the spw peeps, but decided against it. Until a friend of mine posted this: And she commented on how sad it was. I...
  14. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    International Talk Like a Pirate Day

    It's coming. It's tomorrow. Are you prepared? The Official site for International Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19
  15. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    The world owes me

    The world owes me, and the world not delivering to me when it unfairly delivers to everyone else just pisses me off, because the world broke its promise and it's taunting me. In in retaliation for the world being such a dick, I'm going to act like a dick to the world right back--its only fair...
  16. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    This really, REALLY pisses me off.

    If you were ever unsure about how untrustworthy the news is, who the people who govern this country actually work for, or how utterly corrupt the system is in general, this should clarify things for you. Audit of the Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts | It...
  17. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    Do you have a pet?

    An animal friend. Cats, dogs, gerbils, cockatoos, and so on. Does it help you emotionally? Does it help against depression? Is it therapeutic for you? My answer is a huge yes for all of the above, but I'm curious about other people.
  18. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    Astronomers discover planet made of diamond

    I just thought this was neat. A planet more massive than Jupiter (which already has more than 300 times the mass of Earth) and it's made of diamond, orbiting a pulsar. If we ever make it to that system that would make for some amazing photography. This Diamond Planet Will Last Forever ...
  19. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    Your own virtual reality.

    Imagine you could create your own virtual universe. Realism level of 'The Matrix' except that you're aware it's virtual. What would you create, and how much time would you spend in it? You have total freedom--the laws of physics, the universe and your place in it, everything. Would you...
  20. NathanielWingatePeaslee

    Problems of insignificance.

    I’ve gradually come to realize that my perception of myself as utterly insignificant has caused numerous problems. That is, the idea of myself that I don’t count, don’t matter, and so on. I have hurt others with my absence or silence when I thought it would go unnoticed. I’ve hurt others with...