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Old 12-25-2017
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What are yours (if any), my dudes and dudettes?
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grapevine (12-30-2017)
Old 12-25-2017
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Nomination for best title to a thread. 😁

1. Find a better job.
2. Work 2 jobs if push comes to shove.
3. Go on one date. Just one is my goal.
4. Bench press more than 45 pounds (20.4 kg)
5. Find a successor to my volunteer position at my church.
6. Start my own journal thread on socialphobiaworld one day or wean myself off completely.
7. Ride my bicycle outdoors.
8. Flap my arms and fly to the moon.
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grapevine (12-30-2017), Sacrament (12-26-2017), vj288 (12-28-2017)
Old 12-25-2017
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well, to start:

Trade more stocks, stack money, give the bird to all the naysayers, and keep acing my college courses .
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grapevine (12-30-2017)
Old 12-25-2017
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Work harder on my wildflower books
Open a market stall to sell my photos, books, calendars, T shirts,
Get away on weekends to coastal towns taking seascape photos.
See more sunrises and sunsets and take photos of them
Get back to running and regain fitness.
Continue to face my fears and be better at communicating 1 on 1.
Save towards retirement.
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grapevine (12-30-2017), vj288 (12-28-2017)
Old 12-26-2017
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I remember a time of chaos... ruined dreams... this wasted land.
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To lose 75 pounds, and never find them again.
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Old 12-26-2017
Sacrament's Avatar
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Originally Posted by Hot_Tamale View Post
Nomination for best title to a thread. ��
Hell yeah.

Might as well do mine, in no particular order:

1. Find a better job.
2. Do more photography.
3. Practice more and more mindfulness, and in several different areas (eating, exercising, work, stressful situations in general).
4. Be more careful with what I eat (cheat day thing), and eat slower so I fill up with less.
5. Publish a book, maybe? Publishers take advantage of you quite easily.
6. Be healthier, physically and spiritually.
7. Be less cynical, although a lot of people tend to make this very difficult.
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Old 12-26-2017
Graeme1988's Avatar
Hie ye hence from me heath!
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1. Get into making music
2. Get a place of my own
3. Live independently
4. Cut contact with my family
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Old 12-26-2017
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1. Get a job
2. Move to a city
3. Stop wearing bra's for a whole year, unless I'm at work, at an event or in public. (I want my breast size to increase. I want cup D instead of cup B, lol.)
4. Go to the gym at least 5 days a week
5. Go on a date
6. Finish my study at home
7. Finish my Spanish course
8. Go on a trip to a South European country
9. Make at least 1 more new friend
10. Sell at least 20 more things
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Old 12-27-2017

1. Maintain a 4.0/do well academically
2. Really be mindful of what goes into my body and being healthy AF
3. Actually achieve my fitness goals
4. Get off of caffine completely
5. Get my license and a car
6. Work on my self-esteem and self worth
7. Meet the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with/start a family with
8. Expand socially
9. Try to rid myself of anxiety
10. Be a better person
11. Get my CNA over the summer so I can make more money
12. Stop letting life be something that just happens to me; but instead something that works for me.
13. Get my passport and down payment for my trip next year
14. Transform into the best version of myself; Sarah 2.0
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Old 12-28-2017
Bo592's Avatar
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1. learn to feel good about driving .
2. find a good reason to start enjoying to talk to people.
3. find a good place to drive my car.
4. eat better
5. find a job that help me earn respect from others
6. find a true friend who will stick with me through thick and thin.
7. learn how to communicate with people on the internet.
8. Find away to make my world a reality
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Old 12-28-2017
vj288's Avatar
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Last year I was did well to follow through on quite a few of my resolutions. I unfortunately can't find where I wrote them down last year, so I'll write them here so I won't lose them!

1) One goal I made for last year was to write every day of the year. While I wasn't perfect and missed a couple days, and had more than my fair share of forgettable days, I did a pretty good job! I have around 182 pages of writing for the year so far.

For 2018, I want to continue this habit and write for another 365 days. To expand on that, I'd like to try to really make this writing into a story. Go back and edit, piece together the passages that work together, and have something that you might possibly be able to call a "book." It'll be a big endeavor, and the new year sounds like as good a time as ever to start doing it!

2) I had also gotten into the habit of exercising this year. I started back in July, and again I haven't been perfect, I've done a pretty good job of staying consistent with it, 27/33 days. This coming year I'd also like to keep it up, and add to it. I want to run farther, slowly working my way up to that 26 mile area (probably not by the end of the year, but who knows!). I also want to start to incorporate exercise that isn't cardio as well. I want to improve my flexibility, through stretching or perhaps some light yoga, and a little strength building as well. I know I hate the weight room, so nothing like that, but maybe some of those lighter, at home workouts that include things like planks and leg lifts. If I can get all those things in every morning in under 75 minutes, and allow myself to focus on one on my days off, I think it'd be a great help to my well-being!

3)Reading. I think I read more books last year than I ever have in one year, 13 so far and one more to be finished soon! I think I'll aim for 20 this year. I don't want to force myself though, so if I don't get there but I have good reading experiences, that's okay with me. I think 20 is definitely do-able though!

4)Diet. I'd like to focus on this more this year. It's something I've never been conscious about, other than knowing eating less is less calories, and knowing some basics like cake isn't healthy, and eating pasta is good if you're about to burn some carbs. I have so much to learn!

5) TBA. I have a ton of other aspects of my life I know I can improve as well, but I haven't fleshed out what in particular I can do. I wanted to focus on my career last year, for example, and had a rough go at that. Relationships, social interactions, living situation, money, and my general mental well being are all things to address in he coming year as well for me. I hope as other things start to fall into place, these things will be easier to take on!
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Old 12-29-2017
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Survive 2018.

S'all I got.
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Old 12-30-2017
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I like this guy.
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Old 12-30-2017
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Originally Posted by PugofCrydee View Post
Survive 2018.

S'all I got.
Same here. I don't feel i'm capable of anything more than that (or not even that).
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LoyalXenite (12-30-2017)
Old 12-30-2017
grapevine's Avatar
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Win the lottery sounds good

For the next 6 months I just want to concentrate on immediate goals before I can o anything else.

1. Self care- start (am starting) to put myself first, slow down, have time out and focus on juicing, gentle exercise and making myself feel good inside and out. Having 'me' time doing nothing in particular for once. And also getting to the level I was in self development and also 90% raw diet.

2. Combined with my therapist, on here and other help- try to be assertive enough and brave enough to really truely end it with rugs as him just being there -esp as a parner still (when ive outed that idea a year ago) is a huge weight making me depressed and exhausted. Everything he does is dysfunctional and feels like a suffocating bag over my own identity. I dont believe in anything he stands for and his life- his lacks etc - hes the most shallow person Ive ever known.. at the same time intensely devoted to me.

3. Confront my own issues away from rugs - the subtle loneliness the guilt feelings by doing my number one.

4. Save all my money each week so that I have a decent healthy savings (more than I have : )

5. Be in a healthy way to be able to make other goals.
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AtTheGates (12-30-2017)
Old 12-30-2017
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Well I'm no good at sticking to resolutions.. so I dont think I actually made any last year.. but why not

1- Continue with uni, but get better marks

(the rest have been on every resolution list I make but I've never achieved them)
2- Lose Weight
3- Get anxiety under control
4- Get mental health in general under control
5- Learn to not just leave the house more, but be ok with leaving the house more
6- Get in a better place financially
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Old 01-07-2018
lillianstrange's Avatar
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1. Finish my novel
2. Find a job
3. Continue on my journey of self-love
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vj288 (01-08-2018)
Old 01-07-2018
dutchguy's Avatar
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1. Start running again once the weather improves
2. Go on a date
3. Get back into therapy
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vj288 (01-08-2018)
Old 01-17-2018
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Originally Posted by Graeme1988 View Post
1. Get into making music
2. Get a place of my own
3. Live independently
4. Cut contact with my family
Just realise I need to revise this wee list...

4. Cut contact with certain members of my family who are difficult to get along with.
5. Get back into a regular exercise routine and start attending my local gym more.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
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I've definitely got new year's resolutions!
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