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paul 10-03-2005 12:56 AM

Game: would you rather?
Okay, I feel like I'm posting too many of these :oops:

but anyway,

person A: would you rather find cockroaches in your coffee or find a rat head in your soup?
person B: cockroaches, would you rather ... etc etc

Would you rather age only from the neck up or only from the neck down?

redlady 10-03-2005 01:04 AM

From the neck up - you could still do a lot with a young body.

Would you rather have your nose bitten off by a dog OR would you rather fall on your face resulting in 12 stitches ?

paul 10-03-2005 01:06 AM

both such pleasant choices -- the stitches though, seeing my nose in a dog's mouth would be strange

would you rather wake up to find cockroaches sucking on your lip or rats making love on your stomach?

Bexi 10-03-2005 01:12 AM

rats humping i think! Gross

Would u rather, meet me in person or talk to me on the phone??

Chilling__Echo 10-03-2005 01:24 AM

in person! :D

would you rather choke on a chip or sit on one naked?

redlady 10-03-2005 01:26 AM

Something tells me that i could be at ease with you - so in person i think. Then i could bring you those bright flowers and chocolates.

Would you rather give in and kiss someone who demanded that you do so, on condition that they give you a lift/ride somewhere OR tell them to piss off and walk instead.

Bexi 10-03-2005 01:54 AM

oh shit! i dont eat burgers, id have to eat the snot ridden salad! And chilling echo- id sit on a chip naked! hehehe

Would u rather, Snog, with tongues, George Bush or Tony Blair???

Bexi 10-03-2005 01:59 AM

i'd like to trip over paulie, as Red might get angry :roll:

McShy or his son??

redlady 10-03-2005 01:59 AM

Sorry there chill - I'd rather sit on a chip naked less potentially lethal.

I'd rather eat a burger after a dog licked it - humans are tooooo infectious.

Would you rather walk around with toilet paper hanging off you OR with a camel toe.

Bexi 10-03-2005 02:01 AM

toilet paper!! defo, at least it is comical!

redlady 10-03-2005 02:03 AM

I'm always toooooo slow at this.

Bexi 10-03-2005 02:04 AM

ok, em,

Would u rather Eat toe nail clippings or ear wax? Im gona vomit..

redlady 10-03-2005 02:21 AM

Broccoli in my teeth - it just seems less humiliating.

Would you rather be caught masterbating OR having sex with someone.
I know what a perve, but come on.

Bexi 10-03-2005 02:23 AM

Caught humping with someone! I wouldnt mind..gosh perve!

Caught on CCTV stealing from a shop, or stealing a charity box??

redlady 10-03-2005 02:31 AM

Stealing from a shop - although a crime - less offensive than stealing from the needy.

Would you rather have been a knight of the round table OR one of the three muskuteers.

redlady 10-03-2005 03:02 AM

Kick in the *******s - less painful.

To live as a gender you don't really feel you are (you know woman trapped in a man's body, vice versa) or get the operation.

Horatio 10-04-2005 10:31 AM

To live as a gender you dont feel you are... cutting and pasting bits and peices of the body would never be perfect and you would always fall short of your physical ideals, so better to just be the best person you can be in your own skin

Would you rather have the shit kicked out of you while everyone laughs at you every day for 10 years OR keep a low profile and watch and laugh at someone else as they have the shit kicked out of them every day for 10 years?

redlady 10-04-2005 11:30 AM

****ing hell!! What is the lesser of the two evils here :twisted: Incest / Rape = I'll have to go with being raped by the hairy dude - detestable and will probably put me in a psych ward but my own mum - never be able to recover!

After a check up which would you rather be told - That you have a terminal form of cancer and you have 12 months to live OR that you have some incurable disfiguiring (which wont kill you) disease that will slowly welt - raised bumps, red, blistery etc - all of your skin.

redlady 10-04-2005 11:57 AM

:lol: Not a psycho - okay if you insist - nah i believe you.

***edited by Chilling__Echo***

Would you rather suffer from bouts of spontaneous and temporary amnesia OR sleep eat - you sleep walk, but instead of wandering off somewhere you go to your kitchen and gorge yourself.

redlady 10-04-2005 12:03 PM

I'm still too slow at these - we get you man - really, we know you are no psycho. Let those maniacal creative juices flow :wink:

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