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Old 08-13-2011
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Well, seeing as how I have started to realize that I may have become a nuisance to some of the members of SPW and ChatBox has slowed down, and, in addition, realizing that I am going through certain issues right now that I may have an easier time shedding light on through thread posting, I have decided to give it a go and make a post on things that I have been thinking about that are relevant to all things SPW . Anyway, what I have been thinking about is isolation. Here are my thoughts on it written in somewhat formal discourse form (ok grammar and syntax, ok organization, lead-in, body, and conclusion):



After trying to get a better perspective on things and making an attempt to move on from my past I have, sadly, once again, stooped back to my old loathing self. In doing so, I have put myself in a pretty finicky situation. I am in, as I see it, severe isolation. I feel almost as if I am in a "pseudo-prison cell," in a manner of speaking. I think that, in some sense, I can relate to those people one sees in those prison documentaries that are aired on MSNBC . It seems to me that they act the way they do not just because they are, at times, in life or death situations, or constantly in them, depending on where they are housed, and some other things as well, but also because they are cut-off from society.

Isolation, or being cut-off, as I understand thus far, can be a torture. After having discussed several things of relevance with other people and taking some time to think about it, I have come to the conclusion that being cut-off for a considerable amount of time can be, in varying degrees, an impedance to living a desirable life because it leaves one lost, unmotivated, and, obviously, lonely.

Isolation, after a considerable length of time, leaves one lost. Isolation leaves one lost because, well, in the long run, being cut-off leaves one with a sense/feeling that things are not "real enough," as put in the best choice of words that I right now can come up with. It seems that we not only decipher whether or not things are real through our senses and our own logic, but also through bouncing our ideas back-and-forth with other people and relating it to them. We attach meaning to things that are conceived in our minds about reality, whether they are our perception of things, our concepts, and so on..., by comparing and contrasting them to things that are conceived in others' minds. In other words, things to us seem "more real" when they have meaning, and we derive meaning through, amongst other things, other people. I guess what I'm trying to get at is is that we cannot know who we are, or where we are going, or what is the meaning of life without being able to relate to others. As one person whom I chatted with earlier roughly said in analogous terms: "We are submarines in a sea of grout. We use sonar as a means to 'see' reality and if we don't have other submarines [other people] to have that sonar bounce back to us, our thoughts seem to go on forever in the endless void that is the sea of grout." (I apologize if I didn't do justice to what this person said by not remembering it well enough)

Isolation, after a considerable length of time, leaves one unmotivated. This goes back to my elaboration on being lost. When we are isolated for long periods of time, things to us start to loose meaning. While being isolated, depending on the length of time one is isolated, one begins to see doing day-to-day activities as a burden. A good concept that helps get the point across is the one of "creative envy." There are certain things that we only want that are for the betterment of us, at least, that is how society sees it, when we see that other people have them (this is creative envy). Part of the reason why people want to become well rounded respectable individuals is because other people around them are. We start to care less about our appearance or how much we have to show for ourselves when we do not have others around us to insight creative envy in us. Isolation/'being cut-off' is a catalyst to lethargy, i.e., being lazy, and slob culture.

Isolation, after a considerable length of time, leaves one feeling lonely. Well, maybe this concept may not be applicable to everyone (by interacting with people on SPW my awareness of where other people are coming from has grown astoundingly). Anyway, for the most part, human beings are social creatures and do not just like to be around others, but also need to be around others. We need others company just like we need other things to survive. A lack of being around other people, by being around others I mean making genuine connections with them and being actually aware of them and vice versa, is a detriment to our well being. When people are alone for too long their emotional health starts to degrade and they start to feel sad about being alone. One needs to be recognized and accepted by others.

If someone is isolated or cut-off for a long period of time they are probably not living a very good life. It can even be torture for some people. We all have heard stories about prisoners in segregated prison cells who snapped and probably smeared feces on walls and even themselves . Human beings are, for the most part, social creatures. People, again, for the most part, just cannot function properly without being around other people.



So yeah, these are my thoughts on isolation. Please feel free to comment.

Here's a link to some good trance music to listen to while you're thinking if you happen to choose to reply to my post:

*sniffs armpits* Man, I'm need of a good shower. Later.
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Old 08-14-2011
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Sorry, I don't have really anything intelligent to retort, but I did enjoy reading your post. It was pretty interesting, and I also agree with alot of what you said. Lack of social interaction can feel like torture.
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Old 08-14-2011
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Yeah I can not handle being alone. Not even for a couple of days. If I am alone I have to be doing something. Working out, housework, writing, posting on spw. If I try to be alone in a quiet room without doing anything. I go completely mad. Admittedly I don't have SA or any other social problems, so I may not be a good example, but being alone is definately torture for me.
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Old 08-15-2011
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great post - describes me perfectly
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