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  • Good man. This is the first time I've logged in in a long time. Been real busy working on my new website. How are things with you?
    Hi! Congratulations on finishing your papers! Or most of them or whatever it was! I've been studying at home this week but for the first time since I've been doing exams I'm actually not cramming, I have time to learn everything! It feels weeeird...:D
    That's great that you went bowling with friends! A few of my friends came over a few days ago and we had wine and watched movies, it was so nice to be around people and have fun for once!
    Hope you're having a great week! :)
    Hi! That course sounds cool, I'd love to be good at writing and English. I love reading & I tried writing in school, but I'm afraid I don't have much of a flair for it :rolleyes: I'm a science nerd, studying anatomy and pharmacology at the minute so I get to cut up dead people and learn about drugs, and I love it! Does that make me weird :eek:? My friend did an arts degree in history and english, she loved it. Now she's doing a masters degree in drama and theatre studies, she gets to be an intern in various theatre companies...I always loved the idea of working backstage in a theatre...I think I'll stick to science for now :D

    I'm ok thanks, I'm finished lectures for the summer, so I've three weeks off now to study, and then two weeks of exams, and on May 8th I'll be free for 4 months, woohoo! College this semester was pretty stressful, I just came back after deferring for a year because of my anxiety so it was hard, but it's done now!
    And how are you? Do you work at the weekends?
    Hey! I'm so sorry I didn't reply to your message for ages!
    That is so cool that you work at the zoo! I love animals. We never had any pets when I was growing up and I always really wanted a dog or a cat. I'd love to work around animals!
    Yeah, I used to work in an opticians and I was the same, I really loved the people I worked with. We were an odd bunch, kind of a mix of older and younger people, but we all got on so well and it was so much fun to work there! Unfortunately it was right in the middle of town so when my panic got really bad it was too hard to work there. I didn't really miss the money too much though because I only worked one day a week so I wasn't exactly living the high life, ha!
    So are you hoping to go to grad school next year? That's cool, what do you want to study?
    Hope you're having a good day! Have a great weekend whatever you get up to!
    Yeah me and my parents split the cost of the sandblasting equipment, and we'll be splitting the earnings. They really just helped me start it so I'd be able to have a job. I don't know what I'd do without em...

    Your job sounds pretty awesome too. Do you work at a stand selling stuff in the zoo or something? I'd love to work with animals. Zoos are awesome.

    I'm gonna be working in my garage actually. Lol, talk about low stress work environment... My parents and I started a business making sandblasted, hand-painted rock signs for people to put in their lawn or garden, or for business people to put outside of their stores. I'm just gonna be spending my days mostly by myself making stencils of what people want on their signs and sandblasting those designs onto flat rocks. People pay crazy money for a big rock sign with their family name and a little picture on it lol (a rival has been selling them for upwards of $300). I'm gonna blow his prices out of the water and take his business lol.

    Where are you gonna be working?
    Awesome, I'm finished college in just over a month aswell, so I'm definitely looking forward to that! I'd love to get a good job for the summer, but I don't have one at the minute so it definitely won't be easy to find one this summer :mad:
    Hopefully I'll get one, cos I want to try and move out next September...and that sort of requires money! Who'd have thought?! ::p: Where do you work?
    Hey yo! How goes you? Thanks for accepting the add! I just decided to add people who I had found interesting some new people, try and be social, even if it's just on thee interweb! :D
    Hope you're feeling goodly! What you up to these days? :)
    I'm doin good! I'm gettin ready for a bake sale for my school....kinda sucks tho, since I can't cook.
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