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  • Hey Abby! how is going? i just watched some anime (i <3 them xD) and an episode of scrubs its soo fun ^^ btw im from Italy and u? i ve just seen that ur bday its 20may nice! mine its quite close to urs but we are different zodiac sign im gemini (double face lolz) for few seconds xD i was born at midnight btw hope everything is going good =) take care Abby
    Oh thats good to hear! No, you're not bugging me at all. Nice to know you're well.
    Ive actually had a bit of a rough period of anxiety haha. I'm getting better again now though.
    HIya, you sent me a message on the messenger here, it barely works for some of us, try sending Private messages instead, theres a button under peoples avatars :)
    Hey. Yes it has. I guess I'm just on at the wrong times haha. I'm surviving thanks, but am having a quite a tiring 2 weeks with college. How are you doing?
    welcome abby_g :)
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