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Old 01-31-2016
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I have started trying Online Dating back in 2014 till to like half of the 2015 and well I have only scored once but it ended up not intended as I wanted. So basically I have meet that girl who lived like 10 minutes away from my house, we have talk for like month - two then she helped me get a job where she worked so we worked together in the same place from that point on but before the day of the work we have meet in person for the first time. Few days passes by and we together starting hanging around her house more and more after work to the point that I sometimes didn't showed up in my parent's house until the next morning or afternoon.

I dunno what to think about this whole situation because from some point where we have stayed over her house we have been spoon sleeping together (nothing sexual have happened) but her profile says that she's only looking for a "friends relationship". Then someday I have asked her if she wants to be my girlfriend since I felt that way anyway and we have discussed it for like good 10 - 15 minutes but it ended up that she don't want to since we work together and in case of brake up it wouldn't be good for us two to work together. Then I have continued to staying over her house, hanging out with her, eating pizza and spoon sleeping together...

After some time me, her male friend who was hilarious and for sure was a ****boy (He literally would **** everything what is moving) and our another newly employed female colleague from work which had boyfriend anyway and some ex-boyfriend's friend of the woman I was spoon sleeping with, we have meet in her house to hang out, eat pizza, drink some alcohol, chat etc like always, it was a good time then me and the ****boy got in a verbal fight that I suddenly need to leave where, at that time our female collegue from work was in the same room as me and the ****boy and the woman who I have been hunging around was at the back in the garden with her ex-boyfriend's friend, I dunno why he reacted that way but I guess it was because he wanted to get into her pants even tho she had a boyfriend, then I just left but before I done that she touch me in a chest or something like that and asked if I'm fine leaving, since I'm shy I have said yes and end up in home around 4 o'clock in the morning.

The same day when I woke up, I had my payday so I rushed to ATM on my bike to take out some cash, put it in envelope, went over her house on my bike, apologised to her sister for being a little bit more louder then we were for last night and gave her enveloped and told her it was for her sister. She have messaged me after like 30 minutes, wtf is this and I said I gave her money back for the stuff she bought me as well as we shouldn't meet up any more after what have happen with this ****boy and she replied that our female colleague from work has been pissed off at him as well as I guessed he probably wanted to score with her even tho she have a boyfriend.

Then from that point I have kept distance between her and myself because even tho she contacted me and wanted to still meet-up, I knew that the ****boy will be there and to be honest I wasn't keen on meeting with her after what has happened. The last time she was contacting me was when was her birthday and I wished her happy birthday, then she have messaged me if I want to meet up with her and our female colleague for her birthday but I said no, because I didn't had any clothes at that day. That was the last time we have messaged each other. Also as we have each other on Facebook, I have noticed that after one or two months after I have left she got a boyfriend. Since I meet her and after what I have been through, I have gave up on online dating as I was thinking it was a waste of time.

However, yesterday I have realise that if I don't start dating and putting more effort into dating scene now, I will end up being single as **** at age of 25 and for some reason I don't want that since I will be 23 this summer. Also this experience pushed me away from dating for a couple of months and now I am thinking about giving it a 2nd change but I am a bit hesitant to do so. What do you guys think ?

P.S I think that Online Dating would be the best approach since I don't like going clubs, I barely go to pubs and most of the time it's either college, home and the circle is closing at me being homebody, as I'm comfortable with it but I want to date and have a future with someone.

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Old 01-31-2016
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Yea totally give online another go. You dont want to be alone so just dont give up.

Online dating is so much more common - and acceptable - these days than it was even 5 years ago. Just choose a non sleazy site. Good luck.
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