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Old 2 Weeks Ago

Brothers of the same pain HH, i greet you all especially our most contributing Friend Sprawling

Months after months lurking and reading nearly all post, i have finally joined this site to help my self in the fight against HH, reading Sprawling post has really helped me alot in terms of ionto devices used and such, so thanks Sprawling.

Anyway to the question at hand, i have been using a homemade ionto using 2 12 Volt batteries (picture is below),reading an article from NHS i learned that most effective ionto was those who used 7 – 29mA!!

The article says;

''The majority of patients (92%) used a lower electrical current during home iontophoresis compared with that they tolerated during hospital therapy delivered by a nurse (2.5 – 20mA vs. 7 – 29mA). Six patients (46%) stopped using their home iontophoresis device because it was not effective for their hyperhidrosis. These patients used the device for an average of eight months (range 4–24 months) before discontinuing, and all had applied low currents during home treatment.''

The image of 12 volt battery im using currently;

So, the questions i have is, how can i tell the mA (current) of my 12 Volt battery using Multimeter and also what mA is most effective for you folks???

Thanks in advance guys!
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Old 2 Weeks Ago

WElcome Jadal,

As you have read everybody reacts differently to different settings. Gosh the picture of the battery looks big. Since I don't know that much about electricity, when I was using the Fischer device I was tapped out at about 25mA. Using the pulsed machine I have no clue.

You can start by using one of these batteries by doing a half hour session each polarity. If you have 2 of these batteries you can wire them together and do 15 minutes each polarity.

Are you new to ionto? It's all about experimenting. If you are one of the lucky ones you will achieve dryness within 7-10 days. If that happens it might be easier to move onto a variable current laptop power supply.

Keep us informed of how you are doing. As for as the mA goes, you can probably Google it and find the answer you seek or see how it all goes in 7-10 days.
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Jadal (2 Weeks Ago)
Old 2 Weeks Ago

Thanks for the reply Sprawling

And Yes i am kinda new into ionto, 2 months i have been using home made 2 batteries like the one pictured in total of 24 volt,but then all of sudden stopped working when i had extended my maintenance to once a week.

I have a huge suspicion that my batteries of 12 volts might have low currents mA, hence why am seeking ways to check my doubts.

Anyway can you please suggest ways of schedules i can perform in days and also maintenance, because i seem to be very confused on the days of the treatment?

And also how does the variable current laptop power supply, do i use the latop battery wires while its in the electric socket and in my plates?

Is it this laptop battery you mean

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Old 1 Week Ago

Yes, it like the picture except that it is generic and has adjustable voltage. You can find them on Amazon.

You would need to split the wires where it normally plugs into the laptop and put alligator clips on the end of each wire. Then each wire would be connected to a separate tray. After about 15 minutes you will reverse the polarity by switching the wires.

As fat as scheduling treatments it can vary from person to person. I currently do my maintenance treatment every 4th or 5th day. There was a time I was able to go up to 12 days. It's all trial and error.
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Old 1 Week Ago

Cheers sprawling for the info's i really appreciate it.

As for the laptop battery i still have 1 unresolved question, which is can i use any laptop battery lets say for example the laptop Toshiba or HP i am using, can i use that battery and cut it like you have put it or do i have to look for a specific battery for the iontophoresis, in short can i use any laptop battery or a specific battery?

As for the 2 12 volts battery i'm using my maintenance seem to be at 3-4 days, which isn't much, because i really hope to last at-least a week or 2, any suggestion on this? and also the fingers sweat while most of the palm is dry, why is it a sign for another maintenance?

Again i really appreciate your info's and feedback :up:
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Old 1 Week Ago
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If ionto is working for you, consider buying a DC power supply. You get constant voltage and milliamps that are comparable to medical iontophoresis devices. Another advantage to getting the DC power supply over the battery is you will be able to control voltage and current without having the voltage decrease as the battery begins to drain. That seems better to me than guessing whether the battery is drained or not.

If you need more voltage than this DC power supply can provide, you can always look for a DC power supply that delivers the higher voltage. The Hidrex DVP1000 goes up to 60 volts.

Here is a DC power supply that is comparable to the Hidrex DVP1000.

Hidrex DVP1000 - Compare the BK Precision to the technical data provided on the Hidrex manual.
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Jadal (6 Days Ago)
Old 1 Week Ago

The problem with 86thehh suggestion comes down to cost. You can get a reliable DC power supply cheaper. As far as the Hidrex, don't see the point. Hidrex is still so way over priced for what it does. Might as well get the pulsed galvanic unit like I use and be comfortable or go with choice #1 listed below. If money is an issue, search for something like in option 2. Batteries can get costly unless they can be recharged?

1) Here is an idea of some of the power supplies on Amazon which would be an excellent choice:

2) Here's an example of what I was talking about as a battery alternative. something like this, even though the above link would be a better option:
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Old 1 Week Ago

Here's another one that has clear pictures that show you how the variable adjustment is done.

100W Universal Digital Power Adapter for Laptops (12V-24V Output + 8 Connectors) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
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