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Old 03-19-2017
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got a new roommate. he's extremely chatty, and he hangs out in the kitchen reading most of the time.

i tend to like snacking throughout the day, because i get hungry a lot. but now that he's sitting out there so much, i don't really want to go out there even for meals. i just sit back in my room waiting and hoping he'll leave so i can go make something for lunch or dinner or a snack.

if i go out there, he'll just be super chatty, ask a bunch of questions and stuff. i just want to cook in peace.

I used to have lunch together with just my boyfriend. he'd come home for lunch break, we'd have lunch and chat, and then go back to work. now the new roommate has lunch with us and talks so much i can barely talk to my boyfriend.

old roommate was the same way. ALWAYS in the kitchen at the table, always asking questions.

it's just awkward going in and out of the kitchen when someone is sitting there all day. like yeah, i'm back for more food. i have a high metabolism.. leave me alone. no, i dont care about your gossip. what have i been up to? the same stuff i'm always doing.
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Old 03-19-2017
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I used to get really irritated back when I had roommates for the same reasons you're talking about. Most people are just so damn social, it's really surprising how much they have to talk and try to get something out of you.
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Old 03-19-2017
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I can't stand people who do that . I'm weird about eating though. i dont even bring my lunch to work because I dont like to eat around a lot of people .

whats worse is people who try to carry on a conversation with you while you're literally putting food in your mouth..and they expect you to respond .
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Old 03-21-2017

That sounds awful. Maybe try to show him how you feel. As in, replying with oneliners and little to no eye contact and just keep grinding him down day after day. Just get your food and leave. Hopefully he will get it one day.
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